Empties: 10 I'm Tossing No. 5

by - Friday, April 10, 2015

Yes another round of stuff I've used up or I am tossing. Woot woot. Yes I get excited when I toss stuff, because it is out of my life forever and that is a good thing when you live in a 1 bedroom apartment.

Let's get started
Glossybox lashes: I got these in a  glossybox, way way back when (not even going to bother looking up a link to it for you, not worth the effort). These have a thick thick band, so I never wore them. Not once, I'm sure they would have been difficult to use with such a thick band.

Boujois Healthy Mix Serium Foundation in 51: I got this about 2 years ago and I actually used it up. I am super excited that I actually used a fluid foundation. Would I buy it again? Yes. It was a nice foundation that matched my skin really well

Makeup Forever Mist and Fix:  I feel like I had this forever and ever. I liked it as a spray to get rid of powder on my finished face but I just wasn't sure about it fixing properties. It smelled nice and felt good on the skin though. Would I buy it again?  I heard they re did this product and it is much better now (not that I thought it was bad before ) so I probably will buy it again at sometime, for now I am trying out the new smash box primer spray that also is a fixer.

ELF Studio Primer with spf: This was supposed to be limited edition when I ordered it, but it is still on the site. I honestly popped it into a tube that was 8ml so that I could get rid of the bulky packaging. I have yet to really give it a go.. Would I buy it again? Maybe, I like the idea of spf in my primer and that it is so cheap.

Elf Studio Poreless Primer: I got this before the spf version and also stuck it in a tube. I am glad I did, it is so much less bulk. I like this one, while I don't have oily skin, I do like the idea of minimizing what pores I do have and giving my slightly oily areas a bit more oil protection Would I buy it again? No, I think I would just stick with my regular versions or the spf or hydrating.

In case you haven't seen how much spare packaging an elf primer has (it is a thing elf does to make their products seem much bigger than they are, which is just wasteful) here is a link to a empties post where I put some other primers in tubs and took apart all the wasteful plastic.

The Body Shop Moisture It Primer: This was an ok primer. It always seemed runny and that  I would waist a lot as a result. It also never felt like a real primer to me. Since I'm being really honest, it was also small. I just feel it didn't live up to The Body Shop name. Luckily I think I got it on the cheap with a 3 for $30 deal or something like that. Would I buy it again? Nope, no no no.

Almay Intense I-Color Eyeliner in amethyst: This is old, really old. The packaging has since changed, and a long time ago. So I must say goodbye to this well loved liner. I used to wear this almost everyday.  Would I buy it again? Yes, I would, I will....must wait for a sale. Getting nervous that I don't have it now and want it.

Laura Mercier Secret Brighting Powder: I've had this for a while, I got it with some type of gift bag with purchase. I used it all up so I am happy about that. It was great for finishing my makeup and not changing the colour of anything like blush. Would I buy it again? I would, but for right now I am finishing up a MUFE HD powder.

NYX Loose Powder Shadow in Charcoal Pearl: Oh my I had this a while. I forgot I had it. Oh here it is way back when  I hauled it, I meant to grab another colour and made a mistake. That being said I never used any of those, what the heck did I do with all of them? Ok So I never used it, so it's getting tossed. Would I buy it again? Never used it, so no.

NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil in 724 Chaos:  I buy things and think they will look good on me, and never end up wearing them. This is one of those cases. While I like the product, the texture is a bit thick, I just don't reach for it Would  I buy it again? No. I never wore it.

Ok, so there was another round of 10 I'm tossing. I actually used up a foundation, a mini powder and a setting powder. I feel accomplished this round.

Have you tossed anything lately?

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