Jealous Body Scrub Review

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All Natural Coffee Scrub with Premium Robusta Coffee, Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil, Raw Brown Sugar, Sea Salt, Vitamin E and Minerals. Tough enough to improve your skin’s imperfections yet leaving your skin feeling sexy & smooth after every use.
  • My coffee grounds stimulate blood flow which help reduce the appearance of cellulite, eczema, stretch marks, age spots, varicose veins, psoriasis & acne
  • My brown sugar & sea salt exfoliate and rejuvenate your skin
  • My cold pressed organic coconut oil hydrates & moisturizes your skin
  • My vitamin E & minerals protect and repair your skin

I was recently send a nice big pouch of Jealous Body Scrub to try out and review. It is a coffee and coconut based body scrub that is supposed to scuff off all my dead skin and leave it soft and moisturized. I being a massive coffee fan was super excited to give it a try.  

What I was expecting is a coffee ground scrub, what I wasn't expecting was to fall in love. Why did I fall in love? Let's first look at the ingredients.
Coffee, coconut oil, raw brown sugar, sea salt and vitamin E.
It's a simple mix but it works really really well at 1) scuffing off the dead skin 2) getting a nice blood circulation going to the skin 3) moisturizing the skin.
scrub in a bowl
It's the 3 that really won me over. I like scrubs to leave me covered in a moisture, so much so that when I rinse the scrub off the water beads.  That's what I like and that's exactly what Jealous did.
back of packaging
So here's how I used it.
  1. I wet my body. 
  2. I scrubbed it all over.
  3. I waited 5-10 minutes. (tip. put a hair mask on while you do this and kill two birds with one stone).
  4. I rinsed it off.
  5. I had a soft and smooth body with already moisturized skin.
  • Natural ingredients
  • Canadian Company
  • Simple ingredients
  • Smells like coffee and coconuts
  • Gives a really good exfoliation (that isn't too harsh)
  • Moisturizes the skin too
  • You can use it on the face too
  • Free shipping in Canada and the USA
  • It is a big bag and a little goes a long long way
  • Zipper pouch so you can keep it in the shower
  • A little bit messy in the tub, but I think all scrubs are.
This is a big pouch filled with so many good ingredients that it will last you a long long time, making it a great value.

I'm really enjoying this product. It is nice to use in my morning showers, it gets my skin exfoliated, soft and moisturized and the coffee scent helps wake me up (like the smell of  a fresh pot of coffee).

 I'm loving using it on my hands, they are so dry and flaky from work I'm constantly getting a build up of dead skin between the fingers and it is gentle enough not to irritate the dry parts but also get the dead skin off effectively.

I love the hydration it gives my skin, the water just beads when I rinse the scrub. I just pat my body dry and get on my way, I get to skip moisturizer.

I really cannot attest to any of its claims regarding increasing blood flow and reducing the appearance of problem like cellulite and stretch marks. While I have these issues, I haven't been using it long enough to notice a difference and my stretch marks are not new, they are about 15 years old and already pretty faded (but still there). What I can say is that it really does in crease the blood flow to the skin, (because it gets all flush and tingly when I scrub,) and it has been shown that increased blood flow helps with the appearance of these issues.

I also like that this scrub just doesn't devolve away in my shower like many other ones. It also isn't too wrought like a few strictly salt scrubs I've tried in the past, and it isn't too wussy  a few others out there (The Body Shop Honeymania I'm looking at you, why are your granules so fringing tiny and melt right way in water?). Yep, I'm like Goldilocks that way, I want my scrubs just right.

Did I mention it smells like coffee and coconuts? I love my coffee.
my legs with scrub on them.
OK, so now you know I love this scrub and why? What types of body scrubs do you like? What do you look for in a good scrub.

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*Product was sent for consideration, but does not influence my review. All opinions are my own.