Palmer's Olive Oil Formula Hair Care Line

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This winter has been cold, and I mean cold. In Toronto this February has been one of the coldest on record. Lucky fore me I discovered Palmers Olive Oil Formula line of hair care products at the end of last year. My hair has been feeling soft and hydrated all winter thanks to it.

Here are the products I've been using.
  • Palmer's Olive Oil Formula Smoothing Shampoo moisturizes and smooths frizzy hair, replenishes moisture and nutrients and removes product buildup. The balanced blend of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Hair Keratin Amino Acids and Vitamin E cleanses thoroughly and leaves hair softer, with a smoother texture, easier to style and healthier and stronger.
  • Palmer's Olive Oil Formula Replenishing Conditioner's incredibly rich formula smoothes out frizzy hair, increases moisture levels and softens tight curls. Extra Virgin Olive Oil is combined with Soybean Oil and Hair Keratin Amino Acids to protect the hair from environmental aggressors and hot styling tools. Hair becomes shinier with extra bounce, softer and less frizzy and easier to style.
  • Palmer's Olive Oil Formula Conditioning Spray Oil, a luxurious natural spray oil, helps condition hair and scalp with its special formulation of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Vitamin E. This easy to use spray oil is ideal for braids and weaves.
First off I want to say how impressed I am with the shampoo. As a former Co-washer shampoo is sometimes not always my thing. That being said, I love this shampoo. It is creamy and moisturizing, doesn't strip my hair at all. Plus because it removes product build up so well I feel my hair is left soft and bouncy even though it is such a creamy shampoo.

My hair is extremely damaged from decades worth of chemically treating it, I now have to be extra careful about what type of products I use on it. Luckily the conditioner is like a masque and when left on for a few minutes does the same work as one. My hair always feels so soft after I use it.

Together the shampoo and conditioner leave my hair soft, hydrated, conditioned and light and fluffy, which is to me extremely surprising considering its key ingredient is Olive Oil. I really wouldn't have thought the light and bouncy hair I got could have been achieved with such a rich combination of products.
top is the shampoo and the bottom the conditioner
Finally the Spray Oil, I prefer not to spray it directly into my hair, but squirt it into my hands and work it from the ends up. I tend to avoid my roots unless it is the weekend or I am experiencing some scalp dryness (which happens more in the summer for me). I feel as long as you don't go and use it in excess your hair will love it.
Final thoughts:
I love the conditioning results I've gotten with these products over the last few months. My hair really feels softer and less dried out.

Have you tried any of Palmer's hair care products? What do you think of them?

*I received this product for consideration, it does not influence my views on them.