Julep Cupid Mystery Clutch

By Monday, February 23, 2015 , , , , , , , ,

I recently saw that Julep was having one of their famous Mystery Bags for Valentine's Day. Since I hadn't done an order in so long and thought the two exclusive polishes they were advertising for the bag were cute, I decided to take the plunge and order it.

Julep was advertising that their Cupid's Mystery Clutch for $24.99 Us would contain:
Inside, you’ll find a $100+ bundle of secret surprises, including two brand-new, super-fun top coats designed just for smitten kittens: our sweet-as-can-be Yuki (Classic with a Twist) and va-va Valentina (Bombshell). 
So what did I get in the Clutch?
 I got 5 nail polishes ( Joanne, Rochelle, Margit, Yuki and Valentina), a gel eyeliner (Smokey Plum)  and a lip gloss (Splendid).  Yuki and Valentina were exclusive to the mystery clutch.

Valentina (Bombshell): Pink chevron glitter top coat
Julep Valentina Nail Polish
Joanne (Boho Glam): Smoky plum crème
Julep Joanne Nail Polish

Margot (It Girl): Mushroom with rose shimmer
Julep Margot Nail Polish
Rochelle: (It Girl): Boysenberry shimmer
Yuki (Classic with a Twist): Snowy heart glitter top coat
Julep Yuki Nail Polish
 Gel Eyeliner in Smokey Plum: A Plum shade
Lip Gloss in Splendid: Sheer heirloom rose shimmer
Finally the Clutch:
I also ordered an extra polish.
Gene (Rose Quartz for January):This gold-capped rose quartz iridescent shimmer is the January 2015 addition to the Birthstone Collection.

Overall I am ok with this mystery selection. It seems everyone that got the bag essentially got the same thing. If you go by the regular value of the items (which is how they figure out the value) it is worth exactly $100. So for $24.99 US it isn't too shabby, way more that what you would get for the same price in one of their monthly Maven boxes. But I am a tad bit disappointed that when they say $100+ you are getting $100 flat. I know not to expect to be the person who gets a crazy over the top bag, but I would like it to be maybe a bit more than the bare minimum. Or at the very least a bit more variety. 5 polish, yawn. Julep has so many fantastic items out there they really could have just tossed in something bit more exciting.

All that being said. I love the nail polish colours, I am glad I got plum for the liner, I love purples and the lip gloss packs quite the colour punch and I really like it. So since I love everything in the mystery clutch but just wish it wowed me a bit more, I am going to say this was a good buy.

If you are at all interested in trying out Julep, they have a fantastic offer every month to get your first month for free (just pay the shipping). Click here and use the code they provide.