Vichy Idealia BB Cream and Eye Contour Idealizer

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Vichy Idealia
It's no lie that I am already in love with Vichy's Idealia Serum', but now I have two new items in the Ideal family to also fall head over heals for. Their BB Cream and Eye Contour are just what my stressed out skin needs to get it looking a feeling its best with minimal effort.

So lets take a better look at each product.
Vichy Idealia Eye Contour and BB
Idéalia BB Cream
1 formula, 6 actions, to transform the skin complexion and quality of all skins, even sensitive: illuminates and evens the complexion, hydrates 24hr, visibly smoothes fine lines, refines skin texture, reduces dark spots, and protects. For all women, regardless of their age, skin type or complexion. The only Vichy BB Cream that reveals an ideal complexion and skin quality, instantly and day after day.
Formulated with mother of pearl and corrective pigments to instantly eliminate the grey tone and reveal your ideal skin complexion.
Enriched with Kombucha, our first clarity-boosting active ingredient which reduces grey tone at every layer of the skin. Day after day, it helps illuminate the skin from within.
This BB cream comes in two shads, light and medium. Loaded with ingredients that not just help your skin look good right away, but also help it long term look and feel better. Which lets face it, is what we all want in a BB cream, isn't it?

 I started using the light version a few months ago and quickly fell in love. Not only does it leave my skin hydrated but it looked fantastic. I find with most BB creams they can be too heavy in the moisturizer side and can cause me to feel like I am wearing  a mask, but not Idealia's it leaves me feeling just right and with a decent enough coverage. It isn't full coverage by any means, but the perfect BB coverage (for me anyways).

The best part seems to be that it gets better the more I use it, my skin has looked far less dull this winter and much more glowy. Plus my darker spots are fading and my skin is looking much more smooth.
Vichy Idealia Eye Contour and BB
Idéalia Eyes
Double correction, optical and biological, that acts on the 3 dimensions of ideal eyes, both instantly and over time.
- Blurring + illuminating agents: Optimize light relection and diffusion to reduce the appearance of dark circles.
- DRM-Bright complex: Anti-inflammatory, anti-pigmentation, anti-aging action.
- Vitamin B3: Soothing action.
- Caffeine: Stimulates decongestion and draining to reduce puffiness. Its formula is suited for sensitive eyes and contact-lens wearers. After 4 weeks, it reduces the appearance of dark circles -21%, fine lines -26%, and fatigue marks -23%.* Clinical study, 39 women
The Eye Contour Idealizer has the most indigenous applicator. It is clear and flexible and allows for you to place just the right amount directly on your eye area.
Vichy Idealia Eye Contour Applicator
The formulation is that of a very light cream with a faint iridescence to it. This helps reflect light and make the area look fresher and diminish the look of under-eye circles.
Vichy Idealia Eye Contour Applicator
I love that it isn't a heavy eye cream, it is almost like a gel-lotion hybrid that lends it self very well to day time wear and use under concealer. As for the light reflecting properties, they are subtle but effective. I am always weary of these things making me look glittery (Smashbox Photo Op Eye Brighter, I'm looking at you, you made me look like a disco ball) but it manages to be just the right amount of super fine illumination that makes you look good without being noticeable to others.
Vichy Idealia BB and Eye Contour Swatch
BB left, Eye right.
Finally the proof is in the pictures right? So, here I am wearing nothing but these two products.
Vichy Idealia BB and Eye Contour
Have you tried any of Vichy Idealia products yet? What do you think of them?

*I received this product for consideration, it does not influence my views on them.