Annabelle InstaGlam Eyeliner + Macara

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Instaglam Eyeliner + Mascara touch-up
Eyeliner : Oversized marker-pen with a felt tin applicator designed for ultimate precision, control and versatility. The perfect tool to achieve thin natural lines to dramatic shapes in one stroke.
Mascara: Small brush for ultra-precise and flexible application, wrapping even the tiniest lashes. Perfect to intensify your look by using on lower lashes & last minute touch-ups. Curling and defining formula. Buildable texture. Ophthalmologist Tested.-
 The perfect duo for a bold eye look, if I do say so myself. I big felt tipped liner and a mascara in one package, what else does a gal need? Well if the answer is colour, they've got you covered there as well.
I am a huge fan of coloured mascaras, but they tend to come in trend waves and are not always easy to find all the time. Luckily for me the trend has returned (for now) and Annabelle has heeded the call with their new limited edition Instaglam Eyeliner + Mascara touch-up in Psychedelic (purple) and Abyss (blue). While I've never been crazy about blue mascara, I have always sought out and gone to extreme measures to get purple mascara. So I thought why not give them both a try.

 Now sometime I see a coloured mascara, get excited and then quickly realize that after I've shelled out good money that they really aren't that coloured after all, they dry almost black. These are not that type of mascara at all, they are bold and stay bright when they dry.

Instaglam also comes in a black shade, which is permanent, but the colours are not, so hustle to the store and get them now.hassle

So without further ado here they are.

Abyss (blue):
Psychedelic (purple)

 So as you can see the mascaras are quite bold and colourful. What I also have to say is they are great one the lower lash line and they don't flake. I really like the formulation.

The liner shouldn't be forgotten, it is a big fat marker with bold black liner inside. It lasts all day and
now onto the liner, it is the same black liner on all the colours, which is a fantastic black that glides on easy and has a fat felt tip applicator. I find it really easy to use and quite a wet formulation so I know it will not dry up quickly on me. It gives me the pen liner quality I expect from Annabelle. I do find the fat packaging a bit tying to use, but after a short while I got the hang of it.
So there you go, the new Annabelle InstaGlam Eyeliner and Mascaras in Psychedelic and Abyss. I love them, what do you think?

Annabelle InstaGlam Eyeliner + Macara  is available now at most mass retailers and drug stores across Canada, as well as  Its suggested retail price is $12.99.

Batting a Lash:
*I received Abyss as a press sample, I purchased Psychedelic with my own money. All reviews are my honest opinion.