Project Pan 2020 Update 2

By Friday, October 30, 2020 , , , , , ,

 A long time has passed since I last did a Project Pan 2020 update so I thought I would just go ahead and do it now.

The long and short is I quit. I was doing ok when I did my last update, then I went back to work and barely had time to do anything and everything was taking so much energy. I rarely wore make and when I did try to use my Pan products felt forced and horrible. I want to be creative and have fun when I wear makeup and it felt so restrictive. Plus so many products were lip based, and no one is seeing my lips with my mask on.

There are some product I am still using daily, like the Joe Fresh Loose Powder, I use that all the time. I have almost used up my Schwarzkopf BC Conacure pH 4.5m Color Freeze Spray Conditioner, so that is some progress. The Vichy Aqualia Thermal Serum, I used that up! So that felt good.
So yeah, I stopped doing my project pan and I feel a bit of guilt but also relife. For now, I am winging what I wear. A win for 2020 and a loss for me? Maybe, but I am ok with it.