Vichy Capital Soleil Invisible Mist

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High protection UVA/UVB with Mexoryl XL technology in an ultra-comfortable and refreshing texture with 0% alcohol. 100% suitable for sensitive skin.
 As you may have heard me talk about a few times before in this blog, I am super sensitive to the sun and its effects on my skin. Yes, I get sun hives. It just sort of happens when I go out in the sun, with or without sunscreen. My best protection is to layer up with good quality sunscreen, reapply and hide in the shade while covered up. But I still get hives. So when I learned that alcohol in my much beloved spray on sunscreens could be further irritating my skin I  decided to look into my options.

Alcohol is traditionally used in spray on sunscreens a carrier ingredient and lends to its 'lightweight' feeling, the very thing I love about spray on sunscreens. As a result skin can feel dry (it is alcohol after all, it does that to the skin). But in my case, if I've had hives the night before and I use a spray on sunscreen the next day with alcohol it can burn a bit, because well I often scratch the hives, I just cant help it, leading to little open soars.
Needless to say alcohol on my skin after hives is just not a good idea.

I learned that Vichy had found a way to make their Capital Soleil Invisible Mist not just feel great on the skin but also alcohol free and hydrating with vitamin E but it also sports the new Health Canada UVA Seal of

Criteria for the UVA Seal of Recognition as follows:
  • The UVA protection factor must be at least 1/3 of the UVB protection factor (for example, a product with an SPF of 30 must then have a UVA PF of 10)
  • The formula must protect against the long UVA rays reaching a critical wavelength of 370 nm. 
  • Alcohol free = less irritating
  • Smells good
  • Vitamin E = a bit of moisture for your skin
  • Spray on - my favourite type of sunscreen
  • Has the Health Canada UVA Seal of Recognition 
  • Feels incredibly nice on the skin - light weight, non drying , but still soft on skin
  • 30 SPF is the only strength it comes in at the moment - I generally prefer stronger SPF level, but I found it worked quite well.
So what do I think of the formula after using it for the last month? I love it. It feels lightweight , my skin feels soft and supple after using it, but still like no product was really applied. My skin is far less irritated, if I use it after a hive breakout I itch far less the next day, it certainly feels more refreshing on my skin.

I would recommend this sunscreen to anyone with sensitive skin who is looking for a good quality sunscreen that wont dry out your skin but still feel ultralight on your skin without leaving a residue.
Batting a Lash:
*I received this product for consideration, it does not influence my views on them.