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Vichy's Normaderm Skintervention is a 30-day clear skin program offering holistic advice to help treat acne and imperfection. 
Vichy has launched a new website, which chronicles two Canadian women on their 30 day journey to clearer skin. Aided by a nutritionist, family doctor, life coach and beauty advisor, you get to see the women transform themselves and their skin. They also offer you the option of signing up and getting your own daily tips from their four experts.

The site features blogs by the women, tip from the experts, product recommendations, nutritional advice, plans for managing stress and even a $10 off Vichy Normadem coupon.
While I am not one to suffer from acne, I do know many other people who have and still do have to deal with it on an ongoing basis and I found the tips very helpful.

My husband in particular suffers from reoccurring breakouts and severely lacks the knowledge to help him break the breakout cycle.  Easy tips like changing his pillow case more frequently and how to get better sleep are small changes that he can make that can improve his skin and reduce the frequency of his breakouts.  Even though I don't suffer from acne, I also found many of the tips helpful as they seem to just encourage general good health and lower stress levels.

I highly encourage you to check out the sight and sign up for the tips yourself. Check out

*This was not a sponsored or paid for post, I really like Vichy and their products and truly found this store helpful. I was not compensated in any way for it.