November 2013 Empties

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This is one big empties post. November was a good month for tossing stuff.
Clinique Take the Day Off Eye Makeup Remover: There are two of them here, I got the GWP sized bottles at the Estee Lauder Sale a while back. Would I buy it again? Maybe, it works good for a duo phase remover, but I am currently loving my Almay remover (read review here).
The Body Shop Drops of Youth: I picked up a bunch of these at a 3 for $30 sale at The Body Shop. I really like this serum. Would I buy it again?  Yes, I have a few more bottles and certainly plan on using them up in time.
Bioderma: I picked up this tiny bottle at my Rexall to give it a try. I like it quite a bit. Would I buy it again?  I have a gigantic pump bottle of Marcelle Cleansing Water that I love and want to use it up (read a review that here).
Clinique Toner: I got this GWP sized bottle at the Estee Lauder sale as well. Would I buy it again?  Maybe, I didn't find it fantastic but I didn't dislike either.
Biore Steam Activated Cleanser: I used this in the shower on Sundays for about a year.  I really liked the feeling it gave my face and how clean it felt. Would I buy it again? Probably not, I have so many cleansers and just don't need any more right now.
Equate Facial Cleansing Cloths: I got these just to try, I needed wipes and didn't want to spend a lot. Would I buy it again? Maybe, they worked OK.
A whole bunch of mascaras: OK so it was time to binge toss some mascaras! So the long and short is I liked all of theses, and loved some. They all get my approval.
Essence All About Matt!: This is the second one of mine that shattered. Sigh.Would I buy it again? No! I like it and love the formula, but honestly I never did anything violent to it, never traveled with it, just stayed in my drawer. It is just to fragile.
Essence Stay All Day Liner: This liner dried up on me Would I buy it again?Maybe, it was a good liner.
Makeup Forever HD Blush: This tiny bottle had a big air bubble that made it dry up on me Would I buy it again? Maybe, a full size might be too big for me.
Rimmel Liner: This forest green liner was a favourite of mine, but the lid cracked and the writing is all worn off.  Would I buy it again? I don't think it is made anymore.
Elf Studio Eyebrow Treat and Tame - Treat Half: I love the bow gel part of this but think the growth part dose nothing. Lucky for me the tube I am using right now had some faulty glue, which let this side pop off so I could toss it. Would I buy it again? Not this side, I hate it but I will always love the tame side.
CoverFX Concealer: This shade just never suited me Would I buy it again? Yes, I love CoverFx.
Temptu Concealer Wheel: The case cracked and it is pretty old. Would I buy it again? YES, I just got a new one at IMATS
Elf Studio  Foundation: I really like this foundation, more than I would have ever thought. I am tossing this one because it has started to smell and I got a new one to replace it with Would I buy it again? Yes, I just opened my new one.
Revlon Beyond Natural Concealer and Highlighter: This is so old, I really wanted to use it all up but thought its time had come and I should toss it. Would I buy it again? Yes, but I don't think it is still sold.
Aveeno Positively Radiant Tinted Moisturizer: I got this in a Glossybox, sadly it expired in September, so I only got to use about half of it - and I tell you I really tried to use it up Would I buy it again? No, I liked it and it is well priced but I just didn't love it. I give it a B-.
Various Temptu: So a long time ago I got the S/B set from temptu then two of the full sized (02 and 03). I then  got the moisturizer and the primer. I also got a OCC primer. They all expired and well I got a new S/B set in the summer. Would I buy it again? I bought the S/B set again and I use it for other peoples makeup, I do like it a lot. The primers and moisturizers I would not.
Bath and Body Works Candles: These are small candles. The leaves is so old it is still in a plastic container while the Black Berry is glass. I liked the smells quite a bit. Would I buy it again?  Yes, I have quite a few still.
Crown Brush Cleaner: Would I buy it again? Yes, I just got another one at IMATS.
ELF Studio Lip Primer and Plumper: I have two here. The primer sucked but the plumper was great. I chose to toss them because I stopped using them Would I buy it again? Maybe, I just never used it.
Urban Decay De-Slick: I got this trial size with a gwp bag from Sephora. Would I buy it again?  Maybe, I might try another type of their spray another time.
Rosebud Salve: I thought I tossed this a long time ago.Would I buy it again?  No, it is essentially pink Vaseline.
Diane Lai Lotion: This lotion is for seriously sensitive skin - and works great. I love the airless pump and the light lavender scent. Would I buy it again? Yes! It works great.
Bath and Body Works Wild-berry Dahlia Hand Soap: I got this for a gift last year. Would I buy it again? I like the bbw soaps quite a bit so I would consider buying it next time I need soap.
Bath and Body Works Wild Berry Tulips Body Lotion: I had to toss this, I got it as a gift last holiday season. While I like it the scent was just too strong and lingered all day. While that sounds great it just wasn't a smell I liked enough to do that and it made me queasy after awhile. Would I buy it again?  In another scent yes.
The Body Shop Candied Ginger: This one is old, it was in my stockpile. I believe the scent has been replaced with Ginger Sparkle. Would I buy it again? Yes, I like the smell but definitely don't need any new washes right now.
The Body Shop Monoi Miracle Oil: I like this oil but found it a bit thick. I just wasn't reaching for it anymore so it was tie for it to go Would I buy it again? No, I like the other oils made by them more.
The Body Shop Coconut Milk Body Lotion: This is a spray on lotion, I like it but never find myself using it Would I buy it again?  Nope, I like it but I am for the most part tossing 3/4 of a bottle.
The Body Shop Shea Body Butter: I used this one up completely ! I used it in my purse for my hands most of the last month. Would I buy it again? Yes! I loved this body butter.
Salon Grafix Invisible Dry Shampoo: I used this up finally! Would I buy it again? Maybe, I liked it but didn't love it.
Liz Claiborne Palette: This was a palette that I got ages ago. I never used it much so I am tossing it.  Plus it got pretty sticky with the coating the case had. Would I buy it again? I don't think it is still a real thing, but no.