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Recently I had the pleasure of receiving a fantastic organic facial by Naomi at In The Buff Spa (located within Blush Pretty).

I went with my friend and fellow beauty blogger Melissa (blog seen here) so most of my photos are of her facial (and most of hers are of mine, seen her post here).
me getting my facial
In The Buff uses Ilike Organic Skin Care products which are  organic...and they smell incredible. As if smelling great and being organic wasn't enough to sell me on the line they are incredible effect at what they do.
Naomi was only to helpful to answer my thousands of skin care questions and concerns. Most importantly she listened to me and my needs and customized my treatment accordingly.

My Customized Treatment was a Oxygenating and Lightening Treatment. This is ideal for all skin types, especially those with hyperpigmentation, chloasma, age spots or acne scarring. This facial treatment helps to reduce pigment blotches, freckles and acne scars. Below are the products used:
Photos of Melissa getting her facial
  • Rose petal milk cleanser (for dry skin)
  • Nettle and Algae Exfoliating wash
  • Yogurt power peel
  • Rose petal toner
  • Cucumber & Parsley oxygen treatment mixed with the activating talc
  • Hungarian Paprika gel treatment layered on the mask
  • Rich Carrot mask to soothe and bring down the redness from the paprika gel; also used for extra hydration
  • Fenugreek gel for wrinkles
  • Age defence bioflavonoid eye cream
  • Q10 oil (under the mask)
  • Brightening serum
  • Stonecrop whipped moisturizer
Wow,  that a lot of good for my skin stuff. I really appreciate how she modified it just for me.

Overall my experience was fantastic, I got a customized facial that left my skin feeling fantastic.I felt all my needs were met (dehydrated skin, need for a good exfoliation, dealing with my now 30's skin hyper-pigmintation and intense moisturization) I must say this probably was the best facial I ever received.
photos of me getting my facial
Naomi truly loves what she does, and it shows when she gives you a treatment and advice which might be the key to it being the best facial ever. 
photos of me getting my facial
In The Buff Spa is located inside Blush Pretty at 777 Richmond Street West.
This facial is on promotion for November/December in a series 3 for $260 + HST