July / August Empties 2013

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Oh my, I missed my July empties post, so this one is big!
L'oreal EverCream Cleansing Conditioner: I love this stuff, as a devoted co-pooer (seriously check out this post here, I will be doing an updated routine sometime in the fall) I believe I need this stuff to live now. Would I buy it again? Yes, I am already working on a new bottle.
Sebastian Re-Shaper Hair Spray: so I got this back when Glossybox was in Canada as a gift from them. It is worth $20, but it doesn't work!!!! There is propellant in it, AT ALL! I can only get trickles out. No the nozzle is not clogs, just not excellent. So I have to toss a full bottle of pricy product. Would I buy it again? No, that is a lot for hair spray.
Avon Advanced Techniques Serum: I liked this, but I used it up. Would I buy it again? Probably not, I like other serums more. It was a great value though.
L'oreal Precious Oils Colour Radiance: I loved this oil so much. It was cheap, big, worked well. Nothing bad to say at all only love for it Would I buy it again?  Yes!!! A million times yes, but for now I am using the L'oreal EverSleek Precious Oil Treatment (which I also love).
L'oreal Everstrong Reconstructing Conditioner: I got this to repair my over coloured hair, I also saw it was the only conditioner with protein in it...so yeah that was another reason I got it Would I buy it again? Yes, I am currently working on another bottle I got on sale. I love the scent too!
Bath and Body Works Butterfly Flower Bubble Bath: I loved the scent Butterfly Flower, this was an ok bubble bath, I feel the body wash would have worked just as well. Would I buy it again?  sadly discontinued scent
Neutrogna Ultra Sheer Body Mist Sunblock spf 100: I got a friend to get me this in the USA, I love the high spf. Would I buy it again? Yes, sadly not sold at this high an spf in Canada, I would however consider buying something with a lower spf in the same formulation.
The Body Shop Cranberry Joy Body Butter: I love cranberry , but this older batch smells strange on me so I am tossing it Would I buy it again: Yes, Cranberry Joy is a classic holiday scent that I love.
All these broke!!! So mad. I replaced the Essence and the Hard Candy, both which shattered. May I note Hard Candy, while a fantastic company, had crap packaging where the hinges will often break. Thee Hard Candy Bronzer was in Tiki. The BBW Perfume was Beautiful Day and the highlighter was a mini Jose Maran. I liked all of them and was sad to loose them.
Just listing the mascaras, bottom to top Avon Superextend, Marcelle Power Volume, Elf Eye Makeup remover pen, Max Factor Vivid Impact Mascara (x) and Avon Superextend Extreme. I like them all, I would rebuy the Avon Superextend and Marcelle right away.
Elf Primer: I buy it because it is cheap. Would I buy it again? Yes, I've got a new one and some colour corrector ones right now.
Elf Lip Lock Pencil: You are supposed to put it around your lips to prevent bleeding, it goes on clear and waxy. It is quite old so I am tossing it. Would I buy it again? Yes, I got a new one started.
The Body Shop Sweet Lemon Lip Butter: I love the texture of their lip butters. The lemon one reminds me of lemon curd. It is pretty old and starting to smell off. Would I buy it again?  Sweet lemon is no longer in production, but I would consider it in another scent.
Avon Anew Rejuvenate Glycolic Facial Treatment: This bottle has a pre-measured dropper to put glycolic acid on daily. Would I buy it again? Yes, I think Avon has renamed the product though.
Nivea Rich Regenerating Night Care: I got this so long ago, I am finally just tossing it. Would I buy it again? No, it is just too thick, even for me.
New SKin Scar Therapy: I got this to try to make some of my more prominent new scars fade faster or look less three dimensional (puffy). I gave up after a while. Would I buy it again? No! I don't think it works at all. Just grease.
Joe Fresh Fresh Glass Lip Gloss: This might be the worst gloss ever. Smells strange, tastes worse, no pigment  Would I buy it again? NO!
A whole load of polishes!!! I am choosing to toss these because I will never wear them again. There are also two perfume rollers filled with an old classic of mine, The Healing Garden's Green Tea. I loved the scent so much when I was a teen that my hubby got me a whole bunch when they were on clearance when we first dated (way back in 2000)....for some reason I found these in a box a while back. I must toss them but I am a bit nostalgic looking at them.
These dollarma wipes I found in my closet, they must have fallen back there a long time ago. I used to use these for wiping up spills on my desk and cleaning up after swatching. I heard that last year many of these had bacteria in them and were recalled, never again will I buy them.
Davids Tea Main Squeeze 28 g  I used up this one time use pack to make a big jug of ice tea. I really liked it, but Mango Fruit Punch is still the best fruit iced tea around Would I buy it again?  No.
Davids Tea Mamma Mia 50 g  I used this one up quite quickly. I love it for its strong Hibiscus taste and the tang that comes along with it. Would I buy it again? Yes, I might get some next summer.