Empties February 2013

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 Another month, another big batch of empties. Woo, I'm feeling good about his purge.
Let is see what is in my outgoing empties mail bin.

Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips custom Eye Enhancing Mascara Duo in Green Eyes (black side): So I've had this forever, but I use disposable wands with the green side, which is why I got it in the first place. I was sick of having the black hang around when I never used it. So I FINALLY (been trying forever) popped it off, leaving me with the green side. Would I buy it again? Yes, I like these mascaras and they have such strong coloured sides, the black is great too, I just couldn't justify having that part around any longer.
Marcelle BB Cream in light: I love this product and used every drop of it up. Would I buy it again? YES! I've got the SPF version on the go right now.
Bourjois Volumizer Mascara: This is a double wand mascara. Would I buy it again? No I like the rimmel version better.
ELF Studio Mist & Set: A finishing spray from elf Would I buy it again?  No, I like the bottle, sprayer and the product better in the ELF Mineral line better.
Mary Kay Satin Hands Smoothie Hand Scrub in Peach:  I love this stuff, it lasts forever. Would I buy it again? Yes! I have big pump of it in my washroom right now.
 Joe Fresh Nail Polish Remover in Regular: I got this for the pump Would I buy it again?  No,  I need full acetone, I cannot bother with anything less.
The Body Shop Natrulift Serum: I love this stuff so much it isn't even funny  Would I buy it again? Yes, but I bought the VIT C version and I need to use it up (BTW I am hating the smell of the Vit C line).
ELF Studio Lotioin Wipes in Vanilla and Coconut:  I love these in the summer for fast moisture Would I buy it again? Maybe, they dried out really fast.

So that is what fit into my mail box, but wait there is more in a bin.
So these are three perfumes I just never ever wore and am choosing to toss or give to someone, or ditch in the buildings laundry room (it is where you put crap for people to take, ex. VHS tapes, old books, CDs). 
Avon Ungaro, Avon Make Me Smile abd Nina Ricci  L'air.
John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Conditioner: oh my lordy, another one of these.  Would I buy it again? NO!!!! How many of these did I buy when they were at dollarama? What's that? I'm on the last one, it is almost gone. WOOO!
Nexxus Conditioner: I got this in a GlossyBox Would I buy it again? maybe, I did like it a lot.
Makeup Forever HD Elixir: I love this stuff Would I buy it again? Already onto a new bottle.
Constant Beauty Foaming Face Wash I never really liked self foaming washes  Would I buy it again? No.
EOS Lip Balm in Honeysuckle: I hate this stuff,over rated and waxy.  Would I buy it again? No.
M. Asad Magic Fini: I got this in a glymm box and I got two somehow. Would I buy it again? Maybe, I do like it.
ELF Studio Complexion Perfecter Powder:  I actually really like this powder, I hit the pan and only a bit remains Would I buy it again? YEs, I have another one and one in warm that I plan on opening up.