July 2012 Favourites

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July went by fast didn't it? I spent the last week of it in sunny (and crazy hot) Mexico. Had a great time, but I fried my hair in the sun, pool and ocean, didn't wear much makeup at all, and got burned to a crisp snorkelling with sea turtles (worth it).

So now back to reality it is, here are my favourites for July.

Mark. Give it to Me Straight.  Super Smoothing Lotion
With the frizzy humid days that we have had in Toronto recently it has given me a good chance to try this stuff out. It locks humidity out, smooth out hair and protects it from heat. I have loved the results when using my straightening iron with it, but also just love it on hot days to tame my wavy hair and keep it a bit more straight and under control.

Mark. Double Duo. Shape and Gloss Kit
This little flippable duo is easy to carry around and convent. I love putting a bit of the balm in my hair when pulling it back or into braids. The wax part is great for fly aways and just general taming when out. In this humidity it is just great.

L'oreal Kerastase Reflections Chroma Reflect Masque
This was a tiny little one dose sample, and I am so glad I took it on vacation with me. After swimming and sweating all the time I was showering about 3 times a day. Every-time using conditioner to repair my hair (no shampoo I go co-poo remember) but it was still getting fried. Then I used this...one dose but it did a great job. I loved it and might get some more after I use up all my beloved L'oreal Total Repair 5 Repair Masks that I have hanging around ...I have quite a few by the way.

Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum in 51
I got this in June and have barley used it but I love the finish an texture of it...just love it.

L'oreal True Match Lumi
I love the finish of this foundation, I love how it feels and looks on my skin. I wish I could say I love the spf 20 in it, but it only covers UVB and therefore I have to forget the spf all together (sorry it is true). But I still really love this foundation and have worn it whenever I get the chance.

Marcelle BB + Antiaging + SPF 
I love the texture and finish of this BB, it is just as amazing as the original. It is so great on hot days to fix up your skin without fuss and muss, also great to skip heavy moisturizers because it does it all. Unfortunatly only UVB coverage as well so, a little disappointed there and I still have to put on sunscreen.

ELF Studio SPF 45 Sunscreen UVA/UVB Protection
This stuff comes in a big black box with a large puff inside. I have chosen to use this as my powder in the summer because one it is effective as a powder and two gives me 45 spf level protection in a mineral form. I use the load a puff and press and roll method to apply (see my video above), not only does this work great it makes it last all day. I sometimes mist my face afterwards if I want a less powdery look.
It can leave you a bit pink if you just brush it on. Being mineral based you don't have to wait the 15 minutes for it to start working and can go out right away. For $3 definitely worth checking out, it is also great for those that find liquid sunscreens break them out or just pain hate them

On a side note here are two FAILS for the month:

Mark Anthony Easy Lites:
This did not do a thing for me. All I ended up doing was running my GHD through my hair 5000 times and damaging it. I see on youtube it works on others, but they seem not to have colour treated hair, where I do. The bottle says it works on colour treated hair, but now I doubt that.

Organix Moroccan Argan Oil Conditioner - travel bottle
Ok this was a great conditioner, it was, but the travel size was awful. Why? Well it is so thick that it won't come out and the bottle is so small and the formula so thick that you get two uses out of it. You end up after one use needing to flush it out with water to get the rest out. So I would buy a full size but never a travel one of it again, just not worth it.