Old Navy Accessories

By Friday, August 03, 2012 , ,

While not one to rant and rave about accessories, I was extremely impressed yesterday when I stepped into my local Old Navy and saw that they added a gigantic accessories section.

Now I've seen from time to time the occasional item here and there in the store, maybe a necklace, always shoes and purses, but never a full blown section dedicated to accessories.

I was seriously impressed! This store had 8 three sided rotating jewellery, sunglass and hair accessories displays (one was dedicated to sunglasses) and two large tables just full or quite nice stuff.

All colour coordinated (one side all green, one animal prints, one hair, one silver, etc.), organized, themed, and with mirrors on top.
Photo from DDionline (not from the store I visited)
I picked up some earrings, $6.95 each, and actually thought this might replace H&M and Forever21 as my new accessory place.
I almost bought some cute owl earring (they had about 5 different options) but stuck to butterflies. I almost bought a ring but the L is just too small for my middle finger and there was no XL around in that ring (hey they go from s-xl isn't that great).
When I went to cash out the cashier asked me how I like the new collection of accessories (I guess he saw me looking at them for about 15 minutes), I told him I liked them. I was then informed that they just got them in 2 weeks ago and it all came straight from Europe (Europe? really? ok that is just strange to tell people) and that they will not be restocking anything, just getting new stock. I thanked him, paid and left.

That little tid bit about not restocking was actually quite helpful, because now I know if I like something it is now or never to buy it, but also great to know always new stuff will be coming in.