Guest Post: Blush - Steps to not end up looking like a clown.

by - Thursday, July 26, 2012

I'm on vacation this week and rather than have my blog go dead for that time I've asked some old friends and beauty bloggers to write some guest posts for me.

Todays post is from Melissa from Melissa's Musings.

I met Melissa about 7 years ago when we both first started makeup school, we have been great friends ever since.

She just started her blog a few months back and I am already proud of her and how great it is.

On to her post.

Blush - Steps to not end up looking like a clown. 

The weather this month has been absolutely fantastic, and like many Canadians it means I have been spending much of my time outside on patios drinking beer and cocktails. With my increased socializing I have, unfortunately, started to notice that there are many women out there who are making terrible mistakes with their blush. One woman I work with actually reminded me of Homer's makeup shotgun invention (

Blush is supposed to emphasize your cheekbones and accent your femininity. I also learned in my Human Sexuality Psychology class the hint of color is seen as attractive because when sexually aroused women blush (our lips go darker to hence lipstick). The key words here is HINT of color ... not big pink circles or dark coral streaks.

My advice when choosing a blush is to look for colors that are close to your natural blush (i.e. not similar to a sunburn). I test them on the inner portion of my wrist because I find that, since it's usually the palest part of my skin, it's a true test of how much pigment the blush has and how it will look on my skin regardless of the season. I see women trying the testers directly on their face, however it's not always as accurate because you run errands throughout the day you get color and your skin can get flushed. Also even if it is blush, sharing makeup with everyone in Sephora is really not that appealing to me.

Once you find a color that works you need to be really sure that blends really well. This is where a strong pigment isn't always a great choice. Blending is the the most crucial step in perfect blush application. Remember you can always add layers to make the blush darker during the season you are tanned (if you are lucky enough to tan), but there's not good way to soften a blush that is way too dark.
When you apply blush the shape of your face will somewhat dictate how you apply. I have pasted a picture below to use a guide. Contrary to what some people may think, blush does not get an all over face application (that's bronzer's job). Don't forget to blend, blend, blend!

Thanks to Melissa for her guest blog, be sure to check out her site.

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