Lisa's Cosmetics 2012 Spring Warehouse Sale

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This past Monday I took some time to go to the Lisa's Costmetics Warehouse Sale. This sale is a big favourite of mine, held twice a year in the spring and in the winter, I often find some great deals and amazing gifts at very amazing prices.

This was my fourth time at the sale and probably the first time I got my self absolutely no makeup whatsoever. I purchased perfumes for others, smashbox sets for a friend, nivea for mothers day and chocolates for others too. In fact the only thing I got myself was 3 magnetic polishes, tweezers, 3 sets of lashes, a chocolate bar and a tin of cookies.

There were still amazing Smashbox sets from sales back, but nothing new, so nothing struck my eye. Lots of great Annabelle products, but  I had all the liners I wanted. Really I am shocked I got myself nothing. I even said heck, I am getting a perfume, something big for myself (at a cheap price), but nothing struck my fancy. I feel kinda strange about this situation, have I finally reached my makeup limit?

Any way this what I got

3 Tivoli magnetic polishes ($2.99 each)
3 Tivoli lashes ($1.49 each)
2 Cadbury tins of cookies ($9.99 each, one is for my mother in law)
1 Cadbury chocolate bar 230 g ($4.99)
1 tweezers ($)
1 L'eau D'issey Gift Set -1 x 50ml Eau De Toilette Spray, 1 x 100ml body lotion (not going to say price since it was a gift, but a REALLY good price)
1 Nina by Nina Ricci 50 ml ($40.00 picked up for a friend)
1 Smashbox Beauty Bliss Collection ($25.99 picked up for a friend)
1 Nivea 400 g ($6.99, gift)
1 Lysol wipes ($1.99)

Overall I still think it is a great place to grab a mother's day or father's day gift, or heck any gift. If there were new Smasbox set I would have probably grabbed at least one. I still believe the sets are a great deal, the mini primers are worth the $25.99 alone, none the less all the other great stuff inside. 
Perfume seems be the the star of the show, and as well it should be, most are over 50% off and a great deal with a huge selection. My mother picked up her husbands favourite cologne, for half of what she paid for just a bottle at Christmas she got a four piece set! Annabelle lipsticks were $1.99 so she got a few of those too. 

There is really nothing bad to say about this place.
Go early and expect a line. Well worth the trip.

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