Project GWP Week 1 Log

By Tuesday, May 01, 2012 , , , , ,

I work Tues - Sats so I started this project on a tuesday, the beginning of my week. What a bad idea. Anyone who hates mondays must understand tuesdays are my monday, and it went bad.
Day 1:
I woke up a bit late, so I chose to use products I already knew worked well for me. I used the Avon foundation that I have a full size of and the laura mercer primer (first time using, loved it). I chose the clinique shadow duo because I knew it would blend well and a clinique lipstick. All was well until I powdered with the ELF mineral booster. Why did I choose this as a staple for the 30 days. I look pink and icky. No amount of blending can fix this. Why do I still own this?

On the bright side the Anastasia Brow Gel is amazing.

Day 2 and 3:
Day two went better. Choosing a favourite Estee Lauder Shadow duo in brown and cream on my eyes as well as a brown eyeliner I found I made this day  a lot better. the powder worked a bit better with a duo fibre brush but not a lot. Day 3 I used the Clinique redness reducing powder to better results. I think I will stick with it for the rest of the experiment. Clinque Pink bamboo lipstick and gloss were my lip products both days.

Day 4:
I chose to wear benefit's some kinda gorgeous as a foundation and ended up using all the sample up. I then used my mini Dior shadow (030 incognito) which was grey based with some grey estee lauder liner I found. For Lips I chose something brighter, Lancomes Love it!. All together it was a good look and everything worked out well.

Side note: Client aka my gwp dealer came into my work and gave me 3 Clinique GWP itms. I really wanted them and snatched them up quick. Eyeshadow trio in nice colours, brown-black retractible liner and a Vit C smoothie lipgloss. Oh how they were so pretty. I snatched them and hid them from my other coworkers and then told her about my new project. She laughed then told me she doesn't have that problem because I take all her gwp from her. Got to love her.

Day 5:
My last work day of the week. Today I chose to where my new Clinique shadows, liner and gloss. They all worked out really well. Very happy with these shades.

Day 6:
Can finally wear a bit more bold colour and spend time with some blending. I never have much luck with lancome shadows so today was a good day to spend time with them. Chose Rose Fresque blush and a quad with makeover, daylight, trendy and volcano in it. I realized two of these shades are in another quad...seems to be popular shades. With the black-brown clinique liner to add a bit of drama, I paired the look up with matching lipstick and gloss and was happy. I only lightly powdered with the redness reducing Clinique powder.

Day 7:

Lazy day, so I wore the black brown liner with brown liner, brown shadow and a Champaign shade shadow (shadows and brown liner by estee lauder). Blush was a Clinique blush stick in Rosy Blush and Lancomes Love it! as my lipstick and a juicy tube in Raspery Ice. My foundation was a tinted moisturizer sample from Stila in medium.

After a week I realize I have a full collection in just GWP, and that 7 out of 9 Lancome lipsticks are a brown nude or brown, I feel too 90's wearing them and they all look the same. ...sigh these might be the first things to go when this experiment is done.