Annabelle Aqua Queen Summer 2012 Collection

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I always love to look at the seasonal displays in the drug store. I am particularly intrigued by Annabelle's releases every summer. This years theme is Aqua Queen. Playing up with a big bronzer and an amazing palette with 10 shades in it, it might just be all you need to take with you on summer road trips.
Annabelle Biggy Bronzing Powder
in Caribbean Sun
At a whopping 18.7g this aptly named Biggy Bronzer has 5 shades in it. With each shade taking up a large section of the bronzer, it makes it easy to customize your shade, from light to dark, or blend it all around. 

I love the texture of this bronzer, I really feel like I have much more options with it and more blendablity because of it.

Eyeshadow Palette
in Hawaïan Hues
Ok so I took those first few photos upside-down...sorry.
This palette has 9.4 g of gorgeous colour going on. A matte black, a yellow gold, bronzy shades, name it it is in here. I personally love the bronze shades and the green. I cannot wait to play around with all 10 shades. I must say when I first looked at the palette I wasn't sure what to think. The colours are of good to great quality and will not disappoint. I know when I go away later in the summer this will be the only shadows I bring with. 
Both should be in stores within the next few days and cost $12.95.

* Please note that products were sent for my consideration. My honest opinions are always given.