Walmart (Hard Candy) and Dollarama Haul

By Sunday, August 29, 2010 , ,

Today I poped into my near by super Walmart and Dollarama and picked up some beauty goodies.


Travel Bottle Set:
I grabbed this one because next week I'm going on vacation and need to pack up some goodies. It has two squeeze bottles, two small jars, 1 larger tub, and anther bottle with a cap. It also has labels that say things like 'shampoo'.
Hair Clips:
On self explanatory, they are hair clips, 12 of them. I loose these things everywhere I go so I buy them cheap.
Travel Toothbrush and Toothpaste:
Ok no beauty related, but kinda is. But I forgot I picked it up at the Walmart so I guess I messed up when taking the photo.
Hair Wrap:
I have one of these that cost a bit more, I love it! It ends up in the wash a lot though and I wanted a back up. These things are the best for hair treatments, as well for drying you hair without damaging it by rubbing it around. I usually walk around with it on while I get dressed or do my makeup and when I am done my hair is dry and nice and wavy.

Walmart - Hard Candy:
Oh Hard Candy, what memories of the 90's you bring. But hey didn't you used to cost a lot? Didn't you become Urban Decay. Oh well you are back, and cheap and in Walmart! No complaints on my end.

Hard Candy - So Baked Bronzer in Tiki
This is a really light bronzer. It reminds me of Candlelight MSF by Mac but lighter and more skintoned. Also with a finer shimmer.
I love this. I just put it on and I always have a really hard time with bronzers, but this was just perfect for me, not dark, just one shade darker than me...beautiful.
Think of it as a cross between Mac's mineralize skin finish and mineralize skinfinish the natural but more shimmery.

Lash Call - lengthening mascara in TEAL
Ok a teal mascara I was all over it. I love it already. They are lots of colours in the line, most come in lengthening, curling and a fibre version.  It dried teal so I am happy.

Liquid Eye Liner  in Turquoise
I got this to go along with the teal mascara. I really like it, it is pigmented and dries nice. The down side....brush not nub. But I still like it.
me wearing the liner, bronzer and mascara