Packing for Vacation

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I am leaving in two days to go on a short vacation to visit some family in the prairies. Since it is a low key family visit with no grand plans (no family reunions, weddings, or anniversaries this time) I wanted to pack light but still look my best.

On Sunday I picked up a travel cosmetic container set at the dollarama and today I started to pack up my essentials for my visit.


wow that is a lot of stuff. Let us break it down.
Skin Care:
  • Marcelle: Hydra-C Radiance - Facial Exfolianting Gel - 1oz
  • Marcelle: Hydra-C Radiance - Facial Cleansing Gel - 1oz
    • I got these a while back at a Suzy Shier/Lou Lou Magazine event. I've been using it the last little while, but was trying to save it for the trip.
  • Avon: Planet Spa Greek Seas - Soothing Eye Treatment - 0.5oz
  • Mac: Cleanse Off Oil  - I poured some into a travel bottle from the dollarama kit
  • Jounee: Bio-restorative Day Cream PSP - SPF 30+ - 0.5OZ
    • I got this in an ELF special kit, it was supposed to be a 1oz bottle but they lied (they did, I was also supposed to get other items with the kit that didn't come). It is an ok day cream, it is a good size for travel.
  • Mac: Fix+ - 30ml bottle
    • I refilled my little bottle of Fix+ with some from my big one.
  • Mark: Get a Tint Tinted Moisturizer Lotion SPF 15
    • I put some of this into the larger tub from the dollarama kit
  • Avon: Solutions Maximum Moisture Hydrating Booster Serum
    • I pumped a bit of this into the smaller tub from the dollarama kit
They all fit nicley in the ziper bag that came with the dollarama travel kit.
Shower & Hair:

I put these things into little zip bags that I got at dollarama. I wanted to prevent any leaking.

Bag on the Left -- Hair accessories 
  • Clear disposable hair elastics
  • 4 hair clips
  • stay put head band
Bag in the Middle -- Body
  • The Body Shop: Mango Shower Gel - 2oz/60ml
  • Mary Kay: Lotus & Bamboo Nourishing Body Lotion - 1oz/20ml
Bag on the Right -- Hair
  • Garnier: Fructis Sleek & Shine Conditioner - I filled one of the larger squirt bottles from the kit
  • Mark: Mega Volume Next Day Spray - I filled the spray bottle from the kit with this. I love it!
So I wanted to bring my smaller brushes with me and not too many.

Top to bottom:
  • Quo Fluffy Shadow Brush
  • Generic conclealer/cream eyeshadow brush
  • Mac 197SE
  • Mac 227SH
  • Posh Mini Powder brush from a travel kit. 
  • Mac 194SE
  • Mac 190SE
They all fit neatly in a tiny little red mac brush bag.

  • Clinique: Lash Doubling Macara - travel size 
  • ELF :Studio Eyebrow Lifter & Filler
  • Cargo: One Base 02 - 0.60 oz
    • cant live without this
  • Mac: Lipglass - Cultered -0.17 oz
  • Revlon: Matte -Pink Pout 
  • Annabelle: LeGloss Stick - Girlesque
  • Joe Fresh: Eyeshadow -Cherry Blossom
  • Cargo: Essential Palette - Warm Neutral
  • Mac: Infactuatiing Rose: 6 Cool Eyes
    • I've had this for a while, it is 6 purple shades that I love
  • CoverFX: Skin Prep
    • I packed it with the face stuff for leakage reasons
  • Kett Sett Powder
Note: I didn't pack a blush or eyeprimer, ugggh. Now I have to find some and toss them in
All packed up...with toothpaste, brush and floss too! Can't forget those things.
In Flight Goodies:
You always need to bring some goodies for in flight.
  • Blistex Silk and Shine 
  • Rimmel Shine Temptations in Foxy.
    • My fav lipstick of all time that is always in my purse (discontinued, sigh) 
  • Clinique Happy Heart Purfume Roll On with Pink Bamboo Lipgloss on the other side.
  • Motrum
    • Ok I refilled it with Advil, but it is a good travel bottle and if you get headaches when the presure changes or if anything else can set you off it is good to have with you all the time.
  • Arbonne - Ultra-hydrating Hand Cream -15 ml
  • Jerky
    •  I got this at the dollarama. Jerky for the flight will give me protein and hold me over at my riducsly early flight. I hate paying the crazy flight prices for food. The whole pack has 70 cals, 0.4 g fat!!!! Great pick me up
  • Dad's Oatmeal Cookie - 2 pack
    • Great pick me up as well. Only 3 Weight Watcher's points for me, so always good to have on hand.
  • Elle October Issue
    • Just got it in the mail. Must keep brain occupied on flight.
  • CoverFx BrightPrep
    • I wont be bringing this on the flight with me, but it will be on my skin! I read that when flying you are exposed to much more UVA/UVB rays because of the altitude (you are also exposed to more radiation), so I want to protect my skin before flying.
Pretty much these cosmetic things are always in my purse, I need to bring them with on the flight.