Summer Hauling

By Sunday, July 15, 2012 , , , , , , , , , , ,

Yesterday I did a bit of hauling at Walmart and Shoppers Drug Mart.

What I got at Walmart:
Marc Anthony Easy-Lites:

I've heard good things about this product and how it works even with colour treated hair. I'm not sure if I'm going to go the ombre or highlights route at this moment. Let me know what you guys think I should do.

Live Clean Apple Cider Califying Shampoo:
Naomi at StylEyes raved about this last time I saw her, as a brush cleanser....I  just had to check it out. I feel this massive bottle is going to last me my life time.
As a side note, this bottle has a rubbery grip to it, so you won't drop it as easily in the shower, what a nice feature.

Goody Simply Styles Modern UpDo:
This pin is supposed to help create great up dos. I'm excited to try it out since I love the corkscrews that they have for buns.

Shoppers Drug Mart:
I had a $50 gift card from Christmas and it was 20 times the points so I knew if I used my $50 I would have $60 in points so I chose to go all out and get the Quo by Orly Gels.

They had a starter kit for $40 that contains:
  • 50 ml of cleanser
  • 50 ml of remover
  • 4.4 ml of primer
  • 4.4 ml of base + top
  • 20 foil removers
  • pusher
  • mini nail file
  • 20 lint free wipes
I was planning on buying that cost more than buying the stuff alone.

They do not sell the lint free wipes, the remover, the pusher, nail file or foil removers on their own, you can only get them in the kit. I thought this was strange because once the initial set is used up you would want more on their own without repurchasing the kit.

The cost of things on their own:
118 ml of the cleanser is $5 - 50 ml comes in the kit, this is much larger and dirt cheap
4.4 ml of the primer sells for $6
4.4 ml of the Base + top sells for $6 - I got the much larger 14 ml bottle for $18

What a price difference, why would anyone buy the kit? Tiny bottles of cleanser and remover that don't cost much on their own anyways.
I figured my own removers with a cotton ball and foil will replace the foil and remover and I have nail files and cuticle pushers.

Anyhow to get it up to the $50 I also got two shades, "It Girl" and "Meaningful Destiny". One is a cute pink and the other  a deep purple.
I then got the lamp, it was $80, I thought this was a bit high but I paid very little when using my points. I will note though Sally's sell a LED lamp for $98 and Rexall for $59.99, so there are many other price options out there.
Here is a pic taken of my first manicure done with it, poorly taken photo at that.
I'm really excited to try out some other shades from other brands, since it is LED I can use the Red Carpet Manicure shades from Rexall, Gelish from Sally's or many other brands that offer a large shade selection.