Mac Dare to Wear Collection Haul

By Monday, August 16, 2010 ,

Mac recently released their Dare To Wear collection. I picked up a few goodies from this extremely vibrant collection.

The collection has 12 bold eyeshadows and 6 intense Lipglass lip glosses. I tested some of the Lipglass' and I must say that they are very opaque and thick. If you are looking for a bold lipstick like lipgloss this is worth testing out.

I picked 3 of the eyeshadows:
'Louder, Please' a matte 'bright fuchsia' as described on the mac site but I find it to be more of a red pink than a fuchsia.
'Free To Be' a matte 'true coral'. Part of the permanent collection so I got it in a pan. It is very much like Perky from the Spring collection but in matte. 
'Shock-A-Holic' is 'deep purple' that is supposed to be matte but has a shimmer to it that is not really noticeable.

Just for fun here is what I have in my two crammed palettes. I need at least one new one, but I am searching for something bigger. I also have 3 of these babies filled with lipsticks in eyeshadow pans.
I have a bit more, but I cannot fit it into the palettes, so until I get a new one they are staying potted or in a mini palette.