(More) Adventures in Hair Dye

by - Monday, August 16, 2010

Recently you may have seen my blog on my misadventures in hair-dye
(if not read it here), well this time I have a better story to tell.

ChickAdvisor.com sent me a box of Ganrier Nutrisse Cream to try out and review. Since my incidents last time left me with quite dark hair I chose to once again try Colour Oops! and strip all existing hair colour from my hair before giving it a try. I did this so I could give the hair dye my most honest review without any other hair colouring interfering with it.
So this is my pre dying hair. Notice the roots, ick!
The Color Oops package and contents. It removes just the hair dye from your hair, so you are left with a slightly lighter than your natural colour (since there is lightners in almost all hair dyes).
This is my post stripping colour.  It is kinda orangey, that is because of the lightners in the hair dye I used and the fact I used a red based dye.

The colour oops! did a really good job this time. All my original colour was gone except a bit of red, which seems to linger longer than anything (as well as fading faster than anything, how can that ever be possible?).
This is my post dying hair.  Deep red and brown colour without being to purple or orange, just right for me.

I love the colour! Ganier has actually always been one of my favourite hair dye brands, it is always very consitint in it quality and colour.
So, I used Sangria -56. Colour oops was given to me by Jenn from Spicedbeauty.com (thanks Jenn). I also did a conditioning treatment with Avon's PLANET SPA Himalayan Goji Berry Conditioning Hair Repair Mask ( I swear by this stuff, it is the best hair treatment ever) in between the colour oops! and the Ganier.

I like the color oops for removing old hair dye without frying my hair. I hate the amount of water I waste getting to that point (instructions say rinse, shampoo, rinse for 15-20 minutes then shampoo again and rinse for another 5 minutes), I felt like I could have had 6 baths with that water.

I love Ganier Nutrisse Cream, it still holds it own against many brands of hair colouring, I will use this again. I also really love this colour on me.

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