Joe Fresh Makeup Haul

By Wednesday, August 18, 2010 , , ,

I've picked up some items from the Joe Fresh makeup line in the past and enjoyed all of it so yesterday when I was in my local Superstore I picked up a few more items.

I snatched up two of the automatic eyeliners. I got one for me in Forest and one for my friend in Olive (she has been searching for a olive/forest green in a automatic liner for months). $6 each...what a deal.
I only swatched the Forest since the Olive is for my friend ( I had to leave it sealed for her, it is only right), but  I love how smooth it was, not too waxy but not too smudgeble. Just right for an automatic liner. Plus it has a sharpener on the back (something that now a days is often missing but a necessity in my mind) AND a smudger. I feel this is the first time I've seen both in a automatic liner. It also retracts, which is a nice feature as well.
There is Forest on the left, smudged and just as a line. Beautiful.
Next up I got myself Peacock in their eyeshadow. GlitterGeek and Nancy Power blogged about how awesome this shade is, so naturally I had to pick it up. No regrets here, this colour is great, and only $4! Matte and beautiful. I can't wait to use it.
The colour pay off on my swatching was really nice. It goes on nice an opaque. It is beautiful matte colour and I'm already in love. Did I mention it was $4?
I also picked up a Lip Stain in Sheer Rose. I already have another one and really liked it. They  are cheaper than a lot of other brands of lip stain and just as good in my opinion. $6
I bought a Eye Crayon in Pink as well (seems to be a pink theme).It rocks and it is most likely going to be my lazy day eyeshadow.
Lipstain on the left in Sheer Rose and Eye Crayon in Pink on the right.
Lastly, I got a Nail Polish in Kiss, it is a nice light pink with no glitter in it. I love it, very opaque. $4.