Glow Enhancers

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I was going through some of my lesser used items and decided to pull out ye olde shimmer/glow enhancers. I have acquired quite a few in my years. Since I've never been in love with the idea of shimmer and glow I have bought several items in a vain attempt to warm up to the idea. These multi purpose items can be used all over the face, mixed with foundation, over foundation, under foundation, on the eyes and lips. Since they are liquid or cream based I find them less threatening because there is less chance of fallout.

What I have:
Mac Strobe Liquid - This stuff comes in a pump and micro fine iridescent pigments that diffuse flaws.
-What I love
  • great under foundation
  • not too visible but great for a little perk up on the skin
  • great everywhere
  • great packaging
-What I dislike
  • Not too visible
  • Only comes in one colour
-What I do with it
  • put it all over my face before foundation for a light glow
Mark Glow Xpet Face Shimmer in Candle Glow and Rose Glow - these come with a sponge tip applicator.
-What I love
  • The rose Glow is a great rose colour that brightens up the face instantly. 
  • Great on the cheeks
  • Candle glow makes a great light bronze look
  • Can be used all over or just in spots
  • 5 colours to choose from
-What I dislike
  • The packaging, the sponge sucks
  • Still very faint when blended
ELF All Over Cover Stick in Toasted, Pink Lemonade, Lilac Petal and Persimmon - these mini sticks can be used all over and have quite the pigmentation and shimmer to them.
-What I love 
  • So many colours
  • great pigmentation
  • blendable to a modest degree 
  • I like it best for cheeks and face (over the liquid)
  • $1
-What I dislike
  • Can go on thick
  • Super shimmery
  • Smells like orange (not nice in a cosmetic problem)
ELF Shimmering Facial Whip in Toasted, Pink Lemonade, Lilac Petal, Spotlight, Citrus and Persimmon - a liquid that provides a similar colour and look as the All Over Stick
-What I love
  • So many colours
  • I like it best for the lips and eyes (over the stick)
  • blends out nicer than the Stick versions (thinner)
  • $1
-What I dislike
  • separates and no matter how much you shake it will not mix back together
  • sometimes just liquid will blob out
  • sometimes wont blend out well (if it blobs out unevenly with product separation)
  • the toasted version looks totally different than the stick version (silvery and not bronze at all)
Round up:
What is best?? Well that depends on what you are using it for.
  • If you want an all over face glow - Mac Strobe Liquid
  • If you want a shimmery cheek colour that is subtle - Mark Glow Xpert Face Shimmer
  • If you want a subtle shimmery bronze look - Mark Glow Xpert Face Shimmer in Candle Glow layered with ELF all over Color Stick in Toasted on cheek apple of cheeks
  • If you want a bold cheek colour with shimmer - ELF All Over Color Stick
  • If you want to ad shimmer and highlight under your brow bone - ELF Shimmering Facial Whip in Spotlight
  • If you want a shimmering eye or lip colour - ELF Shimmering Facial Whip (they make great eyeshadow colour bases, apply with a brush)
  • If you want a cheek highlighter -ELF Shimmering Facial Whip in Spotlight