Mac #130 Brush Review

By Wednesday, May 19, 2010 ,

My newest and most beloved brush at the moment is Mac's new #130 Short Duo Fiber Brush.  It is the size of a #188 brush but has much shorter and denser white hairs. I have heard it be described as if a #109 and a #188 had a child, this would be it.

Mac Describes the brush as: 
#130 Short Duo Fibre - A short, round dual fiber with flat head composed of both natural bristles and synthetic fibers ideal for application with creams, emulsions, and various powder products.
If you love using a #109 for buffing in foundation to the skin, and if you love the duo fiber brushes for their blending and lighter application, this is the brush for you.

I've been using this for about two months now, almost every day for my concealer and foundation application. I particularly  love using to apply and blend my Cargo OneBase over tinted moisturizer. I've also been using it to apply Temptu's S/B foundation when I'm not airbrushing it on. I used it on a client the other day with the Temptu S/B rather than dragging all my airbrush exquipment out on the job; I found it did just as good a job on making the face look flawless and it had less messy of a clean up afterwards.

I find it much better than a foundation brush because you can buff it to a streak-free and gorgeous finish and better than a sponge because of the buffing and it doesn't suck up all your product. 

If you are looking into buying a new brush for foundation or looking to get a brush like the #109 for buffing foundation, I recommend trying this one out instead. Not only has it met all my expectations for a foundation brush, it has exceeded them in all ways possible.

PS. Also loving it for cream blushes after applying the foundation, it blends it in so nice.