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My mom just brought me back from the states my order. I'm full of excitement,  I've been waiting about a month for this order so the anticipation makes it even more exciting.

So What did I get?

2 x Benefit To Go Beauty Bestsellers ($10) - I got two of these because they were $10. Only one is in the photo because I opened it and tried it out already.
This set contains:
- 0.08 oz Posietint: A poppy-pink tinted lip & cheek stain
- 0.06 oz Some Kind-A Gorgeous: The foundation faker
- 0.25 oz That Gal: A brightening face primer
- 0.09 oz High Beam: A luminescent complexion enhancer

4 x CoverFx Skin Prep ($8) - I got 4 of these because I love love love love it! Usually $45 for a 1 oz tube at Sephora, these 1/2 oz babies were $8 each. I this is the main reason I loaded up on them.

Cargo EyeBase ($5) - Since Cargo is no longer in Sephora, this was only $5 so I thought I would give it a try (Cargo has never let me down and it was a great price).

BareMinerals Original 10 Day Trial (free) - I used a coupon code to get this tiny jar and cant wait to try out the legendary mineral makeup.

I can't wait to try all this fun stuff out. I paid so little and got so much. Woo.

In case you were wondering why did order it to the USA and then get my mom to bring it back? Sephora had a deal on my favourite primer (Cover FX Skin Prep) and a Benefit kit, but they are not in the Canadian stores. Plus, ordering from has some flaws if you are ordering to Canada. 
  1. They charge you duty and then GST and PST (soon to be HST), duty is taxes so getting double taxed when you shouldn't isn't fair. This is the main reason, they charge you duties and then tax on the duties. Duty is supposed to be the tax you would have paid in Canada for the product, to tax on top of that and to tax the duties is unfair and wrong.
  2. Sephora has free shipping with orders of $120 or more, in the USA only $50. Once I ordered more with the intent of returning it to my local store, only to learn they do not refund the duties in the store, so that money is lost.
  3. Since my order was less than $120 shipping would have been $9.95. 
  4. The products I bought were mostly from Canadian Companies, and I will not pay duties and taxes for a Canadian products, that's just silly.
  5. My mom spends 6 month of the year in California and can easily bring me back items I order. I just have to wait a bit to get them.