Keeping My Skin Hydrated This Fall With Keri Lotion & Oil

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Drier weather is definitely here, and my skin is suffering. Despite the fact that every fall the humidity and warm weather leave Toronto, I am always shocked when my skin starts to suffer as a result. This year I am using Keri Original Lotion In Fragrance Free and Shower and Bath Oil to combat the effects of the fall and winter.
As soon as my pool closes on Labour Day I become a bath person once again, and Keri Shower & Bath Oil is right along with me. Whether it is being added to my bath to make it a hydrating and relaxing soak or if applied right after I get out of the tub, it is always a fantastic experience. It has an unmistakable Keri Oil scent, which is soft, powdery and floral all at once.
My skin feels silky and smooth, soft and touchable while not overly oily, but more dewy feeling. It's a great feeling and experience.
I recently started to use Keri's Original Fragrance Free Intense Hydration body lotion and it has also been a lifesaver. When my hands and arms start to get dry, a few pumps makes them feel a lot better. Pretty much anywhere either get dry, I use it. It's not sticky or watery, rather smooth and hydrating without a tacky feeling that absorbs quickly. I usually like scented lotion, but I have really been liking this fragrance free version, it smells like absolutely nothing and doesn't conflict with other scents I am wearing. 
Overall, these two products have been great additions to my body care routine. My skin is softer and less itchy. It is easy to see why both of these have been cult classics for so darn long. Keri was my grandmother's favourite brand and I have fond memories of using the bath oil as a kid. I am happy I've added them to my routine and am going to continue using them for a long time to come.

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