October 2023 Recap

By Friday, November 17, 2023 , ,

It's time for me to do a little round up for October. October was, well it was something, that's for sure.  
Changes in the work front:

First up, I went back to work after a week off and...gave my notice. I'm staying until the end of the year and then I have to figure out what to do with my life. This is beyond a big deal. I started at my work as a grade 12 co-op student in 1997, just days after turning 17. I worked weekends and holidays through grade 12 and OAC ( back in my day, Ontario had a grade 13 called OAC, I'm old ok).  I worked full time when I didn't get into college, when I did get in, I worked part time. Then when I graduated I went back to full time.  It's been 26 years!!!! But, I'm 43 and have at least 22 years of in front of me, so I've got to figure this out. 

Ok, on to other things.

Lunch With a Friend:
I went for lunch with my pal Jenn at Cafe Landwer. It was nice catching up and seeing each other.

Traditional Scary Movie Time with Mel:
I went to a Drunken Cinema show at the Revue Cinema with my pal Melissa. We saw a double feature of Scream (1995) and Scream (2022) aka Scream 5. Melissa and I have seen all the Scream movies but 6 this way and it is much fun. 
Bradley got into the fall:
My neighbours get all decked out for fall, it's sad because we get no kids to our homes. I got this great shot of Bradley with some decorations. 
He also got a low key costume this year. He was BRAD TO THE BONE

Stratford Time...Again :
I went for a day trip with my sister-in-law and niece to Stratford to see Much Ado About Nothing. Our friend Andre Sills was in it and it was quite the fun time.
Plus yummy food at 
Pazzo Pizzeria. I also got some candy from the USA at Corner Store Candy Co. And cholates and cholate tea at Rheo Thompson Candies. Overall a great day with family.
Ikea Scarborough visit:
When I was at Scarborough Town Centre I popped into the new mini Ikea for some food. They only have a bistro, and it has some unique food items. I opted to get a kids meal and a kids vegan raspberry sorbet. I got the plant based balls which came with chickpeas and kimchi. It was tasty.

Finally a visit:

Richard's mom lives in the Yukon,  but she came to visit. Since we just saw her in August,  she decided to come for a much shorter visit, and to only stay with his sister. Sadly she's lives I. Burlington,  which is a bit far and Richard works 6 days a week in the fall. So that just left us the Sunday to visit. She needed a little break from our nieces,  so we took her to the Outlet Collection at Niagara. It is very similar to the outlets in Halton Hill. 
Since most stores are in the Yukon (like damn, no stores), it was fun for her. We had never been there so it was nice to see it.  At CCO (Estee Lauder's outlet) I got some Aveda tea, and bumble and bumble hot oil among other things.  I adore both those products but refuse to pay full price for them.
We also got to do a bit of pumpkin carving with the nieces and that was of course, super fun. 

So that's the summary of October... it's definitely a different one.