November 2023 Recap

By Saturday, December 09, 2023 , , ,

Another month has come and gone and like most of this fall it flew by. I'm trying to think back on memorable moments that happened,  so let's go.

My Mother-in-law Visit
My Mother-in-law was visiting late October into the start of November, but staying at my sister-in-law's, which is maybe an hour away. We visited they days we didn't work, which was basically Sundays. We had a great visiting on the Sunday before Halloween (that I talked about in October's roundup) and the first Sunday in November. We didn't do much, but did go to the nearby Costco with her, which resulted in many books and magazines being bought. 
We also took her out for dinner before taking her to the airport hotel she was staying at on the Monday. I'm going to miss her. I really do wish she lived closer so we could hang out more often. 

Buffalo Day Trip
I've been itching to go to a Target and Trader Joe's for months now, and mid November we had a chance. We went the Sunday before American Thanksgiving,  so it was a bit nuts. The Target we went to was a little trashed and empty.  I got lots of goodies, so I'm not complaining,  but next time we'll have a much better game plan, visit walmart first (it's clean and empty with better food selection and prices) , do Trader Joe's then find a better Target a bit future away with less people. 
Since I didn't get some items I really wanted, I ended up doing an online Target order using Shippsy and it was super inexpensive and easy. I will definitely be using them again sometime soon.

Goodies from my Mom
My mom got back from her stay in the usa and brought me some goodies from Trader Joe's I couldn't get as well as an Ulta order I did.  I didn't get to see her until December,  so seeing her isn't on my list this month. 

Registration for classes
As I said last month, I'm leaving my job after the holiday rush. I signed up for some classes.  I'm excited and worried. Their all online without any set times and I have no clue how I'll handle that. But regardless,  new chapter stuff is starting. 

Having Fun With AI 
I know AI is a little controversial,  and as a former graphic design student, I definitely get it. Still, it fascinates me that we have come this far.  I had some fun killing time to come up with some fun, and mainly Bradley related designs. It's a fun way to kill time. 

So that was honestly all I can think of that went on in November this month.