Dove Refillable Deodorant First Impressions

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A little while ago I got sent some new Dove Deodorant items courtesy of ChickAdvisor / Butterly. Dove announced last year that they were going to launch a refillable deodorant option and it just so happens it is now in Canada. These are officially called Dove 0% Aluminum Refillable Deodorants, but I am not going to call them that because all deodorants have no aluminum in them, by law. I find it a redundant marketing ploy that I refuse to encourage. 
I was sent the Coconut & Pink Jasmine Scent Starter kit and the Men+Care Ultimate Clean Touch Starter kit. Both come with a refillable stainless steel case that can apparently withstand a car driving over it and one refill that is 32 g. When you usually buy a stick of Dove deodorant you get either 45g or 74 g of product.
Inside each starter box you get the stainless steel case and one refill. The refill comes in a plastic pod that you twist onto the base. You then toss the lid into the trash (there is no recycling symbol on it). The deodorant doesn't go up or down and just stays inside the pod which takes some adjusting to.
The case it self feels super sturdy and is pretty compact so it is easy to take with you places. The formula seems to be the same as the regular ones sold by Dove. The men's one smells absolutely amazing to me and I would easily use start to use that on a regular bases. The Women's Coconut and Pink Jasmine also smells nice, but the men's is the scent I prefer. 
Each time you refill the package you save 54% of the plastic that would go into a normal stick of deodorant. The plastic is 98% recycled but it also end of life plastic as it has to be tossed. The sticks are 29% smaller if comparing them to the 45 g size. I am not the best at math, but it really sounds as though the plastic reduction is minimal at this point. 

Furthermore Dove (and most deodorant companies for that matter) have been really pushing a 0% Aluminum factor on their deodorants, and I have no clue why.  All Deodorants are aluminum free!!!! All, by law. So that being said I actually have grown aggravated with the marketing that has been going on.
On to the actual quality of the product, it is a good deodorant, if you like deodorants. I personally smelt by the end of the day. This is how my body usually is with deodorants, and is why I usually use antiperspirants (I get sweaty working a physical job).

Overall: It is a neat package that provides you with 29% less product and gives you 54% less plastic then the old school packaging (32g vs 45g) making it seem like green washing to me. It costs $19.99 for the starter pack making it an investment that would pay off if you planned on us it long term. Refills cost $11.99 for two 32g refills (64 g total). 

The product itself is pretty good and while I like it, deodorants just aren't the best for me unless I am already wearing an antiperspirant.

Would I buy it again? I would buy antiperspirant refills if they become available in an instant. I actually like the compact packaging, the look, weight and feel of it all. But it seems Dove is pushing the 0% Aluminum point and isn't going to be doing that at all.

What do you think of this new concept? Innovating? Greenwashing?
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