Five on Friday | Feb 11

By Friday, February 11, 2022 ,

This weeks Five On Friday is...well it is here. 

1. Vietnamese Coffee
I love coffee, big time, and while we have a Nespresso Original, we treat ourselves to a nice Vietnamese coffee from time to time. I have a phon (the filters) both at home and at work. There is something about how rich this coffee tastes that makes me happy. I added some sweetened condensed milk to the bottom. I like to use Cafe Du Monde, which has chicory in it.

2. The Book Of Boba Fett
The hubs and I love to watch whatever Disney+ is releasing on Wednesday nights. Boba Fett just wrapped up this week. I really enjoyed the series as a whole,  dispite the last few being more The Mandalorian episodes. Grogu makes everything better (and Fennec Shand).

3. This meal
This Thursday's hubby meal was ribs, broccoli and some gnocchi with garlic butter.  Overall a real nice treat to come home to. We got to use some Olivier stuffed gnocchi that he got at Costco, it was stuffed with cheese.

4. Wordle
I've been on the Worlde bandwagon for about a month now. It's entertaining and frustrating.  I feel I should mention it because it is taking up so much of my life right now. This was a puzzle this week that I solved but did terrible at. I read that people love it so much because it isn't actually too hard and most people win everyday which is a postive experience. 

5. Dinner with my family. 
I took no photos of this one, but my hubs and I went to my brother's this week. It was a belated birthday dinner for the hubs and my sister in law. We got some Indian food for take out and it was a lovely time. I miss my family and get togethers. Hopefully I can start to see more of them as things get better covid wise.

That is it for thr week.  Hope you all had a great week.