Five on Five | February 4

By Friday, February 04, 2022

This weeks Five On Friday is a bit of a stretch. I like trying to think of happy things from the week, but I work Tuesday through Saturday so it can be a bit hard. Also, family stuff is still on the forefront of my mind.

1. This Soup
Mr. Fox has Wednesdays and Thursdays off, so I get treated to some nice homemade meals on those days. This week he made a soup using what we had left in the house. It is beyond tasty and it was super cold so a much welcomed treat when I got home from work.

2. Blogger mail
I got a big influx of blogger mail this week. Some L'oreal goodies from Butterly/Chickadvisor. 
Some Nudestix from BuzzAgent.
I got a fabulous winter box from Farleyco. 
3. This kiss
On Saturday my coworker Daphne kissed ny eye so hard my makeup was removed. 100% worth it.
4. Snake plant
I killed my yucca, so I sent the hubs to costco to get me an easier to take care of plant. I heard these babies are hard to kill.

5. Shoppers order
I saw new Catrice shadows I wanted, so I ordered them and a few other things.

I did a blog post 🎉 on my new Beautylish Lucky Bag.
This was an exciting superise and I really am glad I got it.

Hope you all had a good week.