Mary Kay Precious Gems Collection for Fall 2021

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Mary Kay has launched a new limited edition jewel themed makeup collection for Fall 2021, Precious Gems. They also have launched a whole bunch of permanent items, but I will talk about them in another post. For now let us take a look at these gorgeous new limited edition items.
Sparkle Lipstick $21.00 Ruby | Sunstone
Adorn lips in gem-like pigment, and dial up your sparkle. Light up your lips in nongritty, glimmery color that feels as good as it looks. Ultrareflective, high-shine pearls create shimmering dimension, while moisturizing ingredients enrich the super-smooth formula. Amplify the natural beauty of your lips with the help of a little jewel-inspired glamour.

These may be some of the prettiest lipsticks I have ever seen. I have had ones that have been dipped in shimmer before, but these are actually sparkly in the inside too. Mary Kay has a fantastic lipstick formula to start with so these are extremely nice. They look so pretty I actually didn't want to touch them. The formula is smooth and feels nice and soft on the lips. I was actually really shocked because I expected a gritty texture, but nothing but smoothness. 

Ruby is really a berry red with lots of shimmers thrown in, which vary between light purple and pink.
Sunstone looks like a Campaign shimmer shade in the tube, but actually has very little base shade to it. It is basically a sheer shimmer shade with milk nude peach in it, so your natural lip tone comes out. It looks absolutely fantastic, with warm toned shimmers in it.
Swatches: Ruby on top and Sunstone on the bottom
Swatches: Ruby on top, Sunstone on the bottom
Shimmer Liquid Eye Shadow $18.00 Graphite | Amethyst
Achieve eye makeup euphoria! See ethereal effects in the jewel-inspired shades of this liquid eye shadow. There’s never been a better time to creatively experiment with new textures, and this lightweight, gel-based formula is the perfect way to add some prismatic shine to your everyday look. Smoothly glide on nongritty, metallic-pearl pigment for a look as dazzling as it is dimensional.

Liquid eyeshadows are always a favourite of mine, they're easy to apply, creamy, blendable and last a long time. These new ones from Mary Kay are super metallic. 

I found a little goes a long way with them. I found that if I applied a little and blended it out I was left with a gorgeous shimmery eye without too much coloured applied (more of a coloured shimmer). I was able to layer it up and apply it thicker for a more opaque look, but I honestly think a nice shadow base with it on top would be a better option.

Amethysts is pale lavender, while Graphite is a silver-grey tone. Both are amazing for staying power and just generally looking stunning.

Swatches: Graphite on top an Amethyst on the bottom.
Nail Polish 9.2 g $12.00 Emerald | Rose Quartz

Let your hands in on the high-shine fun with a metallic-shimmer nail polish that comes in two brilliant shades. The nongritty formula full of rich color pigments will make creating a multifaceted manicure masterpiece the highlight of your day. Wear the jewel-inspired shades alone or as a dazzling duo in a manicure that’s sure to boost your mood.

I adore Mary Kay nail polishes, it is a shame they don't have them in their permanent line and only offer them a few times a year. That being said there is always a bit of excitement knowing that you never know when one will launch or what it will contain. In this case it is two gorgeous Metallic Shimmers that do not disappoint. 

Emerald is a light minty metallic green-blue that has a sage or mint like quality to it. I cannot get over how absolutely stunning it is not just in the bottle but on my nails.

Rose Quartz reminds me of the stone it takes its name from. It is shimmery and light pink. The shimmer gives it a bit of a silver quality, really adding to the metallic finish of it. I have been wearing this on my toes and just can't stop staring at them.

Highlighter $18.00 Canary Diamond | Rose Sapphire 
Dress yourself in absolutely radiant jewel-toned splendor. Catch the light in every day with this smooth, silky, light-reflecting powder that’s all glamour and no grit. Luminescent pearl shimmer captures just the right amount of sparkle, leaving your highlights beaming in brilliance.
Highly shimmery, these highlighters are sold on their own and can be used in Mary Kay's Perfect Palette (shown in my photos) or Pro Palette (both sold separately). 
Canary Diamond is a light gold, while Rose Sapphire is a light soft pink. Both have quite the shimmer to them. The formula is super fine, which makes it smooth and blendable. I found the palettes quite soft so if you use a heavy hand when rubbing it with a brush you will see denting in the pattern quite quickly, so use a light hand if you can. 
Now I just used my fingers to create the swatches, showing how actually pigmented and smooth the highlighters are, but they easily blend out into a very sheer, but extremely shimmery highlight. 
Reset and destress with some floral-infused “me” time. Superstar ingredient plumeria extract is known to have antioxidant properties which help protect against free radicals on the skin. Now you can cleanse the day away in a perfectly pink way, with this mineral-rich clay mask that leaves you with a natural glow. Truly make the moment your own as you take in dreamy notes of dewy peony and tea blossom during the ultimate masking session. Steal time for yourself, and allow the luxe creaminess of this mask to cleanse and renew your skin while delighting your senses.

Mary Kay's skin care lines always impress me, so a new mask excites me.  This clay mask contains Plumeria which according to Mary Kay is loaded with antioxidants, something I have been learning a lot about lately (the gist is we need them, lots of them). It also has a peony and tea blossom scent to it.

It goes on light pink (that is the Plumeria) and dries up as it sits on your face. I found it was easy to remove once dry with a warm facecloth. I personally like to hold it over my skin for a few seconds before wiping the mask off.

I was pleasantly surprised with the mask because generally I don't do well with mud or clay masks, my skin gets reactive, but this mask my skin really happy. It felt smooth and soft after using it.

Precious Gems Trend Collection Bag $10.00
Keep your most precious gems with you at all times. Whether you’re on the go or looking for an organized vanity solution, this zippered clutch is the perfect solution. Designed specifically for the limited-edition† Mary Kay® Precious Gems Trend Collection, this bag features intricate geometric detailing reminiscent of unearthed gems. Store your eye shadow, lipstick, highlighter and nail polish from this special collection in one conveniently chic place.
Finally we have a limited edition makeup bag. It has a pattern on it similar to the highlighters and in a amethyst type shade. It has nice rose gold zipper detail. It also easily holds everything from this collection.
Mary Kay's Precious Gems Collection is out now and for a limited time. You can visit to order or to find an Independent Beauty Consultant near you.
*Products were sent to me for review purposes, all views and opinions are my own.