Fall Haul Post

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I haven't posted a haul post in what seems forever.  Honestly I haven't been buying much and when I do I forget to post on them.  I recently grabbed some things from Shoppers Drug Mart, Walmart and Sephora (with a friends and family 20% off coupon).  
I have never tried a thing from Sol de Janeiro, but this sounded really intriguing to me. Unlike their other mists this one said 'perfume mist' on the description vs 'hair and body fragrance mist' but when it arrived it said 'body fragrance mist'. What the difference of all of this makes but it was a bit confusing. 

Anyways this is a light fragrance that's fruity and tropical. 
The notes are:
TOP: Passionfruit Nectar, Água de Coco
MID: Tiger Orchid, Jasmine Honey
DRY: Pink Patchouli, Vanilla Bean

I've been enjoying it but wish it had less of a coconut lingering scent to it.
I already have one TF palette and thought this would be a good time to pick up another.  

Desert Fox is made up of pale orange, deep shimmering gold, light warm brown, and deep brown with red undertones shades.
Bumble And Bumble Hairdresser's Invisible Oil Hot Oil Concentrate (5 Pack)
Remember hot oil for hair? V05 comes to mind (which went out of business but seems to be back in the USA). Anyways, I have wanted some for a long time, so when I saw this limited edition product I thought it was worth picking up. You can also get them in singles, but this seemed like a great idea so I got it.
Sephora Collection Holiday Coconut Foot Mask  & Holiday Mango Hand Mask
I have no clue why I picked these up, except they were $7 and 20% more off made them seem intriguing. My feet and hands get pretty beat up during the holidays so maybe they'll make them feel a bit more comfortable.
Sephora Collection Vitamin Tonic - B3 Dragon Fruit
Sephora has 3 different versions of these tonics, I chose the B3 version. I understand it to be a toner. I haven't opened it yet, but am excited to try it out.
I picked these sticks up at Walmart. They are rich and creamy, these happen to have no shimmer or sparkle to them but have a nice sheen. They can be used for the lips, cheeks or eyes, I clearly wanted these shades for my eyes. 

So far I really like them and love that I was able to fine shimmer free versions.
This was in a random holiday display at my Shoppers Drug Mart. It is by Quo and is a massaging facial tool. It cost about $14 so it seemed like a great idea.
L'oreal Extraordinary Oil Daily Treatment
Ok so I have no clue at why I bought this. I guess I thought it was a single shot oil for your hair like the hot oil. I realize now that it is just a sample single size of the Extraordinary Oil, either way I bought it for my aunt so I hope she likes it.
So that is a bunch of stuff I got recently. I did just place some orders for the Sephora Sale, so maybe I will post more on them soon.

Have you splurged on anything lately?

*I purchased everything myself with my own money. Some  links contain affiliate links that may earn me a small commission.