Glaxal Base Colloidal Oatmeal Cream

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*Post features PR Samples
October is Eczema awareness month, and while I do not have it, I do have family and friends that do. I also have incredibly dry and reactive skin this time of year. That is why I was so excited to discover Glaxal Base.

Glaxal Base specializes in eczema care, their latest product, Colloidal Oatmeal Cream adds soothing oatmeal and aloe vera to their formula for added care.
Colloidal Oatmeal is extremely popular in the soothing, treatment, and prevention of dry, rough, and itchy skin. As with all Glaxal Base creams, GLAXAL BASE’S Colloidal Oatmeal + Aloe Cream effectively relieves and protects against the dryness, cracking and chapping associated with certain extreme skin conditions, such as psoriasis, rosacea, and eczema.

This cream is thick but with a light feeling when applied to the skin. It feels hydrating and rich all while being grease-free. It absorbs quickly too which is amazing. I love absolutely everything about how it feels on my skin.

Colloidal Oatmeal is oatmeal that is so finely milled that it evenly distributes. It is said to help bind to the skin and form a protectant barrier. Aloe is generally known for its healing and soothing abilities.

When my skin is inflamed and cracked it does a great job of hydrating deeply without irritating my skin. It does have a scent to it, but it is an oatmeal type scent that I find quite pleasant. 

Part of the reason Glaxal Base products are so great for eczema is that they are hypoallergenic, perfume-free, lanolin-free and non-greasy. 

Overall I find it a great cream for my hands and arms, but also my feet and elbows. It is hydrating and soothing in the best way possible. I am going to enjoy using this cream in the colder months, it really agrees with my sensitive skin.

Have you tried anything from Glaxal Base? What do you think of them?

*This post features pr samples, all views and opinions are my own.