Beauty Tools I Love

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*This post features a pr sample and affliate links
I thought it would be a good time to talk about some of the beauty tools that I have been using and love.  Some are pretty common and some a little different, but all get regular rotation in my routine.
Jade Roller and Gua Sha Tool

If you haven't seen these two tools around the last few years I don't know what to say, they are everywhere. I got mine years ago before people started talking about them, so long ago in fact I have no clue where I got them. You can grab ones now everywhere from Winners to Sephora. 

The jade roller is great for a cooling massage of the face. The smaller size is great for around the eyes and smaller contours. 

The Gua Sha tool is better for a stronger massage and especially good if you are prone to clenching your jaw. I really like this shape over other shapes because I can use the V part along my jawline.

You can get either tools in various other semi-precious stones, some people claim they have extra properties, I am not one of those people. The key thing is the stones can stay cool for a while if they are real. You can also submerge them into ice water to keep them cooler longer.

Roller / Price : Varries <$35 / / Sephora / Sephora Set /

Gua Sha Tool / Price : Varries <$40 / Sephora / /

Rose Quartz set of both : Price: <$64 / /

The Body Shop Tools:

I am a sucker for The Body Shop tools, I have all their body massage tools and even a brush from the mid-90s. Naturally, when they started to offer face tools I had to get some. 

The Body Shop Face Stimulator has a wooden handle that holds a rubber spiked roller. It is supposed to be used after applying moisturizer to help it sink in while massaging your skin. I generally like this one a lot, it feels nice and is easy to use. 

Price : $10

The Body Shop Oils of Life Revitalizing Facial Roller has two rolling metal balls taht are cool to the touch. This one is great for more deep massage with a tool. The only issue is sometimes I can cause a bit of a suction.

Price : $30

Mary Kay Skinvigorate Sonic Skin Care System

The Mary Kay Skinvigorate Sonic Skin Care System is sonic face cleansing system that also has a massage head. Both are fantastic and a great alternative to the Clairsonic now that it has been discontinued. I really love the massage head and usually keep it in my beauty office so I can use it at night.

The fact that you can both cleanse and massage your face with one tool makes this one worth while to have. It also is rechargable with a USB cord so you never have to worry about battires.

Price : $85 with one head / Massage head $28 / 2 Replacement heads $22

Ice Roller

The Ice Roller is a nifty little tool I got off Amazon after reading Ella Pretty's post on rollers. It is a roller you keep in your freezer, whe you need it pull it out and massage your face. You can also use it on amy body parts that are soar after workouts. I personally use it on my shoulder that has a torn roatater cuff as well as my face.

It is pretty big but also awsome. If you want something that stays cold a long time this is for you.

Price : $15 /

Foreo Luna FoFo
The Foreo Luna FoFo is a silicone face cleanser. It uses vibrations to help cleanse your skin super well. There is also two little metal nubs on the reverse side that when paired with its app help create a custom routine for your skins level of hydtation. 

Since it is made of silicone it means it is more hygenic and never needs replacemtn heads. It takes AAA battiers and a change of battiers should last you 400 uses.

Price : $119 / Sephora /

The DiamondBuff by Beesting is a patented diamond tipped exfoliater that I picked up at Sephora a few years back. Sadly Sephora no longer carries it. It is an intereing idea, kind of a diamond foot buffer but for your face. I use it rarely, but when I do I get so much dead skin off my face it is worth it.

Price : $60 USA (hopefully a Canadian retailer picks it up again soon)

So there you go, a bunch of tools that I have personally been using for months and even years. I really like them and maybe you will too. There is something for everyones budget too, so hopefully you find something pretty usefull in this list.

Do you have any face tools you love to use?

*This post features a pr sample from Mary Kay. All other products were purchased with my own money. All views and opions are my own. This post features some affliate links.