Project Pan for 2019

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This new year has already brought on new challenges for me, I want to declutter! My biggest obstacles are A) me buying new items, B) being sent new items, C) me starting new products without finishing my old products up (specifically bad with hair care and skin care). With that being said I am going to try to make a positive effort to change these habits by starting a Project Pan.

In case you weren't aware, a Project Pan is where dedicate yourself to hitting pan on select products from your collection (and then use them up entirely). There is a great article on it over at Sunkissed Violet, click here to learn more. 

I am going to start off easy with mainly used up items (yes I already hit pan on some of them). Then hopefully, start a new batch sometime in the next few months (sooner rather than later). I am also not starting with any lipstick or shadows, just skin related items as to not make it too hard on me. 

Since I am using all products I generally like and have used the majority of them up, I hope to get this batch done quickly and motivate me to move on to another set and succeed again. Also this kind of makes it a Shop My Stash, which is where you go through your own makeup stash and rediscover products for the month ahead.
I love this stuff! Love it!!! I actually cannot state this enough. It was in my favourites of 2018 as well as a dedicated post. Sadly there isn't much left in it and I have about 5 other oils I need to start using up and cannot have an oil with only a few pumps left hanging out in my collection, it needs to get used up ASAP.

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer Oil:
This one is also in my 2018 favourites post. I love the idea a primer oil, the concept works well with my dry skin. While I love this, I also have the NYX version and I find them to be of equal quality. Having two primer oils is silly, especially since one is half empty. Hopefully, I can finish it off in about 3 months.

The Estée Edit by Estée Lauder Late Night Eraser Brightening Eye Balm with Pink Peony:
I got this at the Estee Lauder sale a few years back in a set and while, it has just sat around. I don't know I just feel meh towards it. Which probably isn't a good thing when doing a Project Pan but oh well. It isn't too big and has a metal applicator that feels nice, but that is about all it has going for it. I most likely have a months worth left.

Cover FX Illuminating Primer:
I have so many mini primer samples, I figured I would start with this one. It is part way done so it works. I do love Cover FX so I will be happy to use it up. I probably have a months worth in here.
Benefit Boi-ing Concealer (Industrial Strenght Full Coverage):
This was the original Boi-ing concealer (the line has been revamped since, but is still available in a new package), I love it and have already hit pan on it. I need to use it up so I can move on to some other concealers that have to go. I maybe have 2 months uses left depending how much I use in a sitting.

Benefit Boi-ing Hydrating Concealer:
There is almost nothing left in this one as well. As we all know there is a ton of product in a lipstick once you can't twist it up anymore. Once again, just choosing this because it is almost gone and I need to use up some concealers instead of having a bunch of partially used ones. I probably have a few month of uses left depending on how much is in the base.
Jouviance Radiance Booster:
This is a tinted moisturizer that is pretty darn amazing. As you can probably tell, I have used a lot, in fact, there is a little toothpaste squeezer on it to keep the product in one place and air out. I like it but it is approaching its expiry date and so is time to go. I really probably have a weeks worth left in there.

Vichy ProEven BB:
Oh, I love this BB, love it with all my heart. It is great just the way it is. It also is almost gone, probably 3 weeks left.

There you go, my Project Pan. I know I cheated a bit with choosing some already panned items, but I really wanted to do well my first time. I figured it was like the debt plan where you choose to pay off your smallest debt first so that you feel good and can get some momentum.

Have you Ever Tried a Project Pan? How Did It Go?

*Some of these products were pr samples given to me for review purposes. Honestly only 3 were (the Acure, Vichy and Jouviance). All views and opinions are my own.