Mary Kay Brow Products

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I love a good brow product, luck for me Mary Kay has just launched some new brow goodies to make me super happy.

Volumizing Brow Tint
This is a brow gel, but also something a bit different. It is more pigmented than the average gel plus it features fibres to help fill in gaps, it is actually pretty opaque. As a result, it fills in your brows, sparse patches and covers gray in just a swipe.
It comes with a small (but not micro) wand on it, but the handle isn't very long. This combined with the fact you get quite a bit of product on the wand means things can get a bit messy if a precision application is your end game. In the end, it really isn't too big of a deal, it just takes a little bit of getting used to. I have been wiping my wand before using it and actually bent it so I could get a better application.
I love how strong the pigment is and the range in shades. There are four shades, Blonde, Dark-Blonde, Brunette and Dark-Brunette. I personally have been using Brunette. I find Dark-Brunette a bit too close to black, it really should have been called Black-Brown and that there was a true Dark-Brunette instead. I do like that there is such a dark shade for those that have darker hair/complexions.
Precision Brow Liner
These are some well names brow liners, they are very fine and let you fill in just where you need it. They retract, which is really fantastic, it gives you the ability to know you're not going to be wasting it but also use as much as you need. 
They come in five shades, Blonde, Dark-Blonde, Brunette, Dark-Brunette, and Black-Brown. I personally have been mixing it up between Brunette and Dark-Brunette.
Overall I am really loving both these products. The Brow Tint works really well in filling in my bald patches while covering my gray hairs and tinting my brows to go better with my coloured hair. The only downside is the applicator could be better, but nothing that doesn't take much to get used to.

The Precision Liner is great for when I want a more natural look, to fill in my bald patches and to match my hair. It is a more subtle look for sure and I really like it on my BB, mascara and tinted lip balm days.

Do you love brow products as much as I do? What do you look for in a good brow product?

*Products were sent for review purposes; all views and opinions are my own.