Yardley London English Rose

by - Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Finding the perfect Mother's Day gift isn't always easy, but with Yardley London it can be. Yardley London makes some fantastic bath and body products in some pretty amazing scents, but I know my mom would love their English Rose line, and that is why I am treating her to it this Mother's Day.

When I was a child I remember my mom having a vial of rose perfume and when I asked what it was for she dabbed a little bit behind my ears and said 'so boys will fall in love with you'. I never forgot that or that wonderful scent of rose. Yardley London captures that prefect scent of floral, light and sweet roses in this collection and it is just wonderful for spring and summer.

Moisturizing Body Wash
This clear and light wash foams up nice and rich while smelling like real roses. It also won't dry out your skin, which is always a plus.

Moisturizing Body Lotion
This lotion is light and not too heavy, but still moisturizing, plus it has a pump (always a plus). Layering this on after using the body wash is a great way to make the scent of roses last longer.

Fragranced Body Mist
I love Yardley's body mists, a lot really (read a review here), but the rose one has become my favourite these last few month. I can spritz it on in the morning and not feel it is too heavy and overwhelm others on my morning commute but still smell during the day. It is that light and not to heavy kind of scent that I love for the warmer weather.

Perfumed Talc
Talc is that little bit extra that I think a lot of mothers would really like. It isn't a thing that younger people tend to use too much but it is very luxurious and adds another layer of scent to you routine making it last longer. I always have enjoyed talc before bed because of how it made my skin felt and the scent it enrobes me with. There are also some other great uses for scented talc powder, like keeping in your drawers to scent your clothes or for vacuuming (I sprinkle some baking soda and some scented talc and my carpet comes out much cleaner).

Eau De Toilette
This is my favourite item in the whole collection, Eau De Toilette. It smells fantastic and looks amazing in the bottle. The scent lasts all day and it works perfectly with the other items.
Every product in this scent collection is wonderful on its own, but when they are layered together they work even better and the scent lasts even longer. I love how the English Rose scent makes me feel, it is light, summery, romantic and never overwhelming all in one.

I hope you all have a wonderful Mother's Day, I am not worried about my mother's gift this year because I know she will love it thanks to Yardley London.
*Products were sent to me for review from PR. All views and opinions are my own, and yes I am giving this to my mom this year.

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