Five Things I am Loving Right Now - Spring Scent Edditon

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Spring is finally here, my garden has started to bloom, cherry blossoms are everywhere! This just makes me so happy, but also fills the air with lots of beautiful floral notes. I cannot help but change my scent preferences this time of year, so I thought it would be nice to look at five scents I am currently loving.

My tastes tend to border on fruity, but right now floral and fruit with a hint of musk is what I am all about. Funny how the seasons change your taste. I am also more about fragrance mists then actual perfumes right now, mainly because they are lighter and I don't want to feel heavy this time of year.

Body Fantasies Signature Twilight Mist
With mandarin, coconut and fresh plum as its top notes, magnolia, tuberose, tiger orchid and violet in its middle notes and sandalwood, creamy must and vanilla in its bottom notes, this scent is a nice night time fragrance. It isn't heavy and isn't overwhelming but it definitely is a bit more musk-vanilla then it is fruity, which I think makes it a complex mix of scents that works well for the evening time in warmer weather.

So...? White Petals
With a name Like White Petals, you know this scent is going scream spring at you. With spring blossoms and budding flowers, this body spray smell wonderfully spring like. The bergamot, freesia and water lily add more depth and richness to the spray, but still maintains its floral scent. Since its a body mist you can go heavier on spraying it and won't feel guilty that you're going to overwhelm anyone. This is my go to floral scent right now, I just love how light combination of its scents smells, nothing heavy in it making it great for warm weather.

So...? Sinful
With Mint and Pineapple as its top notes, Violet and Strawberry as its middle notes and Vanilla, Praline and Musk as its base notes, this scent is summer with a bit of complexity. Pineapple and strawberries are some of my favourite fruits and scents, so to mix them with my favourite herb, mint, makes me really happy. The base notes (especially the musk) give it a bit of maturity and depth that really makes this scent memorable.

The strange thing is, in the bottle it is really fruity, but on my skin it is more musk and vanilla, which I honestly like. Since this one is an Eau De Toilette, one spritz is all you need, and all I would recommend since this one is a bit of a heavier of a scent. When I want it more fruity I spray it on my clothes instead of my skin. I find this one lasts all day, which is impressive since it retails for about $10.

 Yardley London English Rose Eau De Toilette
Roses are definitely a warm weather scent for me. Gardens blooming with fresh roses and their scent permeating the air, that is summer.  Yardley's English Rose smells exactly like real roses and is light and romantic. The whole line of English Rose products all smell amazing, but the Eau De Toilette is perfect for the summer, as well as the Moisturizing Fragrance Spray. When I want a light clean scent I spray it on, or the fragrance spray when I want something lighter. I always get compliments and that makes me happy.

Soap & Glory Smoothie Star Body Splash
Sweet almond, vanilla, sandalwood and musk, this scent smells rich and romantic. It is a little heavier then some other ones on this list, but because it is a body spray it is still light and easy to wear this time of year, I also really like this one at night time.  It for some reason reminds me of dessert and sweets without being sickly or over the top. It also has a technology in it that keeps it going all day long (or all night long) which is always nice for a body mist, no one likes one that vanishes in an hour.
So there you have it, five scent I am currently loving.

Do you have a favourite scent right now? Does your taste in fragrances change as the seasons do?

* Some products were sent for review, all views and opinions are my own.