Olay Whips Regenerist Review

By Wednesday, April 11, 2018 , , , , ,

When something new and really different comes along I can't help but get excited. Olay recently launched their new Whips line or moisturizers. Available in three of their most popular lines, Regenerist, Total Effects and Luminous, they offer all the benefits of their lines with the added bonus of being super light.
What makes Whips so light and well, Whipped? A whole bunch of technology I don't fully grasp, 
but essentially all the moisture you usually get in a moisturizer is locked with air into a formula that is light but holds 1000x its weight in moisture. Then when it makes contact with your skin it releases all that moisture and transforms into a liquid. Neat right? Light weight but heavy on the moisture, what I have always dreamed of.

Here is why I actually really like this product. I have dry skin, and Olay Whips delivers moisture, serious moisture, without the need for me to pile on thick and heavy cream. Normally I have to put a pretty thick lay or cream on to get my face hydrated enough, and then wait, and wait for it to sink in. Now its a lot quicker I just put a tiny amount on my face and rub in, done.
You can feel on your skin that it is far more hydrating then you would think for its texture and weight, which is good thing. Plus I love the 25 SPF version in the mornings, it saves me one extra step and helps me get going all that much faster while still keeping my face feeling light. It really is perfect for the upcoming warmer months where I just end up sweating too much if I put a heavy product on my face.

The Regenerist line is for those that feel their skin is looking a bit older then it should, essentially tired skin. It helps fight wrinkles and the effects of aging. Which I honestly think is for me in my mid-late 30's. Luminous is all about helping you get glowing skin without the shine. Total Effects is about nourishing your skin the best you can.

*Products were sent for review purposes, all views and opinions are my own.