Hard Candy Fox In A Box Reivew

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Years ago, when Hard Candy was just relaunched and a "new" value brand, they had a product that I adored, Fox In A Box. It was a boxed blush, sort of like Benefit's, but much more affordably, with a dinky brush, crusty free and they all had multiple shades inside them. I of course as Mrs. Fox, I ran out and got them all, and honestly still have them today. They were great quality blushes that I know a lot of people really loved. 
Sadly, Hard Candy discontinued the blushes quite a few years back and moved towards mineralized bronzers, blushes and eventually their mineralized trios. I really do like the mineralized products, so I wasn't really too upset about the Fox in the Box being gone. That being said when I saw that HC was relaunching Fox in a Box I was super excited, that was until I tried them out.
An Original Fox in the Box, in Smooth Talker
So I guess I should explain that if you are looking for something like the old Fox in a Box, you are going to be very disappointed. The new 'blush' line consist of 2 blushes, 2 bronzers and 1 highlighter. They are all baked mineralized products, so they have minor marbling in them, and range from luminescent-mineral shimmery to full blown shimmer.
They still have brushes inside that don't really do anything, but instead of having an elastic to hold them in place, they have awkwardly placed blob of glue. One of my boxes could not even close until I removed the glue because it was on the edge of the box. Even then the box didn't really close too well (the old versions were like this too though).
The boxes actually are really adorable, with 5 different cartoons of girls with a pop art design on them and all named after each girl's "style" (Uptown Girl, Girl Boss, Girl Next Door, Party Girl, and Glamour Girl). Sadly I have no clue what shade is inside any of them because the colours on the outside aren't remotely related to what is inside, which I never found to be a problem with the old ones or Benefit, but do with these. A all pink box has a bronzer, a green and pink has blush, yellow and pink has bronzer, I just have no clue what is in what until I open them up to use them.
Finally the blushes themselves are now scented, each one different and frankly not something I am overly keen on but not necessarily dinging them for since it is so trendy right now with the PB and Peach scented lines from Too Faced out right now.

The actual blushes are nice, but not amazing. I honestly don't find they have a whole lot of colour pay off. I really find them similar to (but not stellar like) their previous mineralized kaleidoscope bronzers and blushes, which they seemed to have discontinued as well as the trios for this revival.

One of my boxes kind of came unglued inside last week after only using it a few times, now I have a flap moving around scraping up product.
The original Fox in the Box was the thing that got me hooked on blushes back in the day and probably the reason I have all the Benefit Boxes blushes in my collection now, but after forking out $7.98  box I am little disappointed I did. They aren't built that well, the products aren't that pigmented and they sacrificed products I really liked more to launch them. I really didn't think I would buy these and be comparing them so heavily to other products or even the original, but the more I used them, the more I just felt let down. The pigment just isn't there!
So to sum it up, I was super stoked to see a favourite from my past return in a new updated box, only to learn it wasn't really done that well and that other products I liked were sacrificed in the process. *Sigh*

*Products were purchased with my own money.