Five Things I am Loving Right Now - Spring 2018 Edition

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Sometimes I get all caught up in trying to create blog posts on certain products or topics that I forget that blogging is sometimes about the daily things. Thus I am starting a new series, Five Things I am Loving Right Now. Hopefully I will do this seasonally, but maybe more often then that if the mood strikes. The whole point is to share with your the stuff I am using daily and getting some good use out of. Sometimes I might be in the process of writing a full post on the products, sometimes I will be revisiting past products that I am still loving (or rediscovered) and sometimes just products I want to give a good shout out to.

I big shout out to Madeline from Classically Contemporary. We recently had a little chit-chat and she inspired me to start this series (because that is what friends do, inspire us to be better).
Palmer's Cocoa Butter Skin Therapy Skin Oil
I reviewed this way back in 2015 and loved it and its accompanying face oil and oil cleanser. While I may of got these three items from PR back then, I actually used them up and re-bought them more then once (which frankly I never end up using anything up anymore, so I am impressed).

First off it is like Bio Oil, yes. But it also cost about $10, has a pump and contains no mineral oil. Plus my skin really loves it. Since it is safe for the face I have been using it a lot more then I would have thought on my face this winter. I just have been so dry this past season and this has been the answer to my skin problems.
Wet N Wild Photo Focus Pressed Powder
I have been meaning to blog about Wet N Wild's new foundation collection for what feels like forever, but alas I have not. So while I can tell you I really love the foundation, the powder is maybe the item I love the most. I have been having one heck of the time with my face skin being dry and flaky when I apply any foundation, heck even BB or tinted moisturizer, so when I say this powder leaves my skin looking nice and cake free I am pretty impressed. In fact I did something I haven't done in years, I hit pan! I fully plan on repurchasing this powder (and the foundation for that matter)
Last year Pixi by Petra returned to Canada, I for one was pretty excited. I was happy to have access to their makeup again but also their new skin care products. I fell in love with their Mattluster lipstick in Rose. It is a moisturizing formula that is still semi-matte, which I think looks great for day to day wear. It also happens to be this great rose-nude shade that looks great on my skin and I can wear just about all the time.
As mentioned above, my skin hasn't been behaving well. I am going to be blaming bad weather, lack of sleep, and some crazy hormones. Vichy's Idealia line is meant for skin that is subjected to pollution, lack of sleep, poor diets and hormone issues, pretty much me. That being said whenever my skin starts acting all messed up, I go back to Idealia and remember why I love it so much and wonder why I ever tried anything else.
L'oreal Micellar Water Complete Cleanser - All Skin Types*
I love a good Micellar water, but often find I have a hard time removing my waterproof makeup. Since I wear waterproof mascara and liner almost every single day, it kind of gets pointless, I end up tugging more then removing and am never satisfied. I discovered this duo-phase version from L'oreal and was amazed at how well it removed everything from my face without any film left on my skin. It also happens to be Oil, Fragrance, Alcohol and Soap Free, meaning my dry and sensitive skin stays calm and doesn't get reactive or angry.
There are 5 beauty items I am really loving right now. Not only am I using them almost daily, but I am using them up, which is impressive for me.

What are some items you are loving right now?

*items marked with an asterisk were give to me from PR. All views and opinions are my own.