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Soap & Glory is a pretty popular brand, but one I have had little experience with, until now.

I have been lucky enough to get the chance to try out six items that launched this past fall and can now be found at Shoppers Drug Marts across Canada.

Smoothie Star Breakfast Scrub:

Loaded a bunch of yummy stuff you might find in your morning smoothie, this scrub smells so good I really was tempted to try and eat it (I resisted). Oats, bananas, almond and honey extra work with shea butter, sugar, real maple and organic cupuacu bio scrubs. So overall, just plain yummy.
It is quite a thick scrub, so a little goes a long way, I just scoop a little and scrub away. It has a maple and banana scent that reminds me of my mother in laws banana bread. I can be extremely picky when it comes to anything maple (like a good Canadian), and I will say that this scrub smells exactly like real maple, because it is real maple.

I really think this is a great scrub that is thick enough to do a good job of scuffing off skin and leaves the skin soft and smooth as well as hydrated.

Sugar Crush Body Lotion
A body lotion that smells like key lime pie, sign me up! Ok there is more to love about this lotion then just is't yummy scent (but it is a good reason to love it). It has AHA fruit complex in it as well as Kiwi Waterjuice.

Sugar Crush Body Lotion claims to be a 3 in 1 product, Hydrates, Conditions and Smoothes the skin. Since it has the AHA in it I actually does a great job of being a daily light exfoliator for my Keratosis Pilaris prone skin. It also is really light on the skin, absorbing quickly and with out any heavy or greasy feeling.

I really like this lotion! It smells amazing, has a pump making it easy to use, feels light on the skin and absorbs quickly while fighting off my bumpy Keratosis Pilaris and winter flaky bits away.

Fragrant Body Spray
Nothing like a great scent to set the mood for your day, or evening.

Soap and Glory's Body Sprays come in three scents, Smoothie Star, Sugar Crush and Original Pink. I happen to have gotten the Smoothie Star one. The scents all match up with their body care lines scents so you can layer them up and make them last longer. Smoothie Star is a warm sweet scent with vanilla and almond with sandalwood and musk in it. Sugar Crush is a sweet lime and vanilla scent that similar to a key lime pie scent. Original Pink is their classic scent with fruity and floral tones to it, bergamot, rose, strawberry, jasmine and even patchouli in it.

The sprays feature a technology that helps it last 24 hours. I find one spritz is more then enough for me, it is a pretty potent product for a body spray, but I really like that, I hate a body fragrance that is weak and you have to put close to a dozen sprays on you, just to have it fade away almost immediately. This stuff smells sweet and complex and lasts with only just a bit of it.

Fab Pore T-Zone Cloths
Wipes that help exfoliate and keep your pores clean, sign me up! With Yuzu (that is a type of lemon by the way) to brighten the skin and  Soap and Glory's PoreShrink-4 complex which slowly release salicylic acid to prevent spots. It also is a cleaning wipe so it removes oils, dirt and makeup all in one go.

I like the idea of a wipe that helps exfoliate and clean in one swipe, it makes the process of fighting acne and keeping pores clear a lot simpler. Sadly, due to the exfoliating properties it isn't a wipe you can use around your eyes.

I tend to use it on lazy nights where I don't feel like doing my full routine and just use some eye makeup remove wipes on my eyes. But when I really love to use them in the morning, when I am not wearing makeup and don't require a double cleanse, but I do want to clean my face before my morning skin care routine.  They do a great job of just making the morning go a lot smoother.

Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Gloss - Nude Star
Who doesn't want a nice nudey toned lip gloss? I know I always do. They work well with almost any look and easy to apply and pull off in a quick timing situation.

I happen to have Nudestar, which is a nude beige with a lot of shimmer in it, but fine shimmer that it looks really good and makes your lips look plumper. This gloss is meant to help make your lips look plump, so in addition to the shimmer, it has plumping spheres which burst as you werar it for more volume. At first I never notice it, but about 5 minutes in I start notice a very mild numbing effect. I should note that when most people say a lip product tingles or burns, I get a numb effect, almost like extremely mild Novocaine, so clearly I should not be one to judge how extreme a product like this is. But it is pretty darn mild from what I understand.  The gloss is mildly sticky and lasts quite a while on my lips.

Scrub Your Nose In It
Maybe you're like my hubby and sometimes you break out all over your nose and T-zone? Maybe this scrub might be fore you. I personally like it to help clear up my clogged nose pores.

This scrub has a pile of ingredients to help de-gunk up your T-Zone and prevent new buildup in your pores. Soap and Glory has their exclusive D-Clog MicroMud in it to clean the pores deep, while Diatomaceous Earth Mix helps exfoliate and purify the skin while soaking up excess oils. It also has AHAs in it to help clear out the pores and exfoliate. It also is kind of minty in scent, so those of you who still swear by the toothpaste trick for your zits (don't do it, its awful for your skin) this might be a great scent for you. I personally just love mint.

You don't need too much of the scrub, just put some on your damp clean face's T-Zone, scrub it around for a little bit and then let it sit for 2 minutes (always a great time to brush your teeth) and then rinse off well. My skin always feels a lot smoother after using it, I have some reoccurring problem areas in my T-zone so my skin really reacts well to it. The tub is also pretty darn large, so you wont find yourself running out quickly, this baby is going to last you a while.
Overall what do I think of my first run at trying out Soap & Glory products? Well I am pretty smitten. They smell good, they feel good, they actually work and a little of all of the products go a long way.

I love the scrub, so thick and it manages to do its job very well while smelling amazing and leaving my skin soft. The body lotion not only smells great but helps keep my skin from being flaky and bumpy while hydrating it all at the same time. Plus the pump makes reaching for it a lot easier. I find myself just pumping out a bit whenever I am in my office and applying it to my arms to keep them from getting dry and keeping my bumps at bay. The FabPro wipes let me quickly clean my face and exfoliate without needing to add an extra step to my day. The nose scrub takes no time to help keep my T-zone clean and tidy and works really well to boot. The lip gloss not only feels nice, it smells nice while looking good and plumping my lips. The body spray smells like heaven and lasts with just one pump.

There really isn't anything I don't like about these six products, they work, and in the end that is what you really want in skin care products.

You can pick up Soap and Glory at Shoppers Drug Marts in Canada.

*PR products featured.