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If I am being 100% honest, I will admit that my skin is just messed up this time of year. The dry weather, the wind, the cold, the dry house, blasting the heat in cars, my already dry and sensitive skin becomes a real pain. Lucky for me I got to attend the launch of Dermalogica's Chalet last night.
Inside the Dermalogica Chalet in Toronto
This Pop-Up spa and store is just what every single one of us needs this time of year. This Chalet is a little winter lodge in the midst of the city. With lavender everything it is also super calming.  Showcasing their UltraCalming products (which feature lavender, hence the calm purple tones), the line helps soothe and calm sensitized skin, which is real problem for a lot of people in the colder weather.
Some Ultracalming products
The two main products I got introduced to were, Barrier Defense Booster and Calm Water Gel.

The Barrier Defense Booster is a concentrated oil booster helps soothes, nourish and moisturize your skin to restore the balance it needs. Not only does it help relieve dryness, it helps reinforce the barrier that it needs to stop further moisture loss. I can say that I love how it feels and my skin is instantly calmer when using. 

The Calm Water Gel is also very concentrated and has a light lavender scent to it. The lavender is 100% natural and helps soothe and calm the skin pretty much on contact. Its a water-gel formula that helps hydrate and refresh the skin. It gives a weightless barrier that helps protect your skin from all the irritants in the environment and helps lock moisture in. Pretty much it is a shield for all the tough daily torture we put our skin through.

I love that both products are so soothing and nourishing as well as concentrated. You need so little to treat your whole face.

The Chalet is offering  Skin Hydration FaceFit Session, Skin Rescue Face Fit Treatment, the Dermalocia ProSkin 30 Minute Treatment, or complementary Skin Mapping Analysis, there is a treatment that is right for you and your time frame.
Services offered at the Dermalogica Chalet
I was lucky enough to get a spot in with the ProSkin 30 minute treatment, and I am so glad I did. I got to talk about my main skin concerns, got some much needed feed back and advice, my personal plan as well as a 30 minute custom treatment. My skin felt so amazing after, and I now know more about my skin and what I need to change in my routine to get better results as well as happier skin.

If you have never experienced Dermalogica's Skin Mapping before, I suggest you do that if you have the chance too. It is free and you will learn so much about your skin. You skin gets a zone by zone analysis of its needs and lots of feedback on what you can to to treat it.

Overall I really loved the Chalet and the idea of this Pop-Up, it really makes getting a skin treatment easy and picking up some of your favourite Dermalogica products super easy. Plus it is really fun with all the Chalet details.
639 Queen St W, Toronto, ON

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* All views and opinions are my own. I received products to try out and an invite to the event.