Mary Kay Spring 2018

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Spring is just about here, and that can only mean one thing, a new Spring launches from Mary Kay. This Spring brings some new permanent items as well as a few limited edition ones.

Mineral Eye Colour Quad ($21 each) 
In the past I have been a big fan of Mary Kay's limited edition eyeshadow sets, they have great formulas, colours and they fit in their compacts or can stay in their case. This spring they have impressed me once again.
These quads are smaller and only take up half of their palette compacts but that actually is great because you can fill the other half with a blush or three other shadows of your choice.
Berry Haute is filled with purple and pink berry rich shades that I really am drawn to. 
Jade Go is a quad that features rich greens and a deep sapphire blue.
I am more in love with Berry Haute then Jade Go, but I think they both perform nicely, but not as nice as last years spring shades. I really like how they are half sized this time so you can do more with your palette.

Essential Brush Collection ($75)
Mary Kay has simplified brushes by creating a set of six brushes with shapes that help make applying makeup easy.
Made with synthetic fibers these brushes are stylish and portable in their own pouch. With an allover brush, cheek brush, all-over eyeshadow brush, eye crease brush, eye smudger brush and a lip brush.
I am an avid brush fan (I have over 300 brushes) so when I get the chance to try out something new I get pretty excited. Since I started using these brushes, none have had any bristle fall out....none not one. I really like the handles on these brushes, they get fatter at the ferrule which making holding them close to the bristles very comfortable. The cheek brush is my favourite, it is angled and has a little indent into the ferrule so you can grip it close and blend out your blush, highlight, bronzer or contour easily. The bristles also are very soft and densely packed in.

Satin Body Collection
This line of body care products features the light and lovely scent of White Tea and Citrus. The same scent was launched just over a year ago for their Satin Hands Pampering Set (which is a favourite of mine) and the Satin Lips Sugar Scrub and Butter Balm. The line also features Shea Butter to moisturize extremely well.
Revitalizing Shea Scrub ($22), is a creamy scrub that can be used daily to gently exfoliate dead skin. While I like the creaminess of the product and that it can be used daily, but it really isn't strong enough for my dry flakey skin and I did not find it really did anything for me. I do think it would be great for someone with very sensitive skin that reacts badly to stronger exfoliants.  Indulgent Shea Wash ($22), is a clear wash that manages o alter really well and leave my skin feeling very clean and soft without drying it out. I feel my skin always feels really nice when I am done using it. Silkening Shea Lotion ($22) is a lotion is a medium thickness for a lotion, which is much preferred to a more liquidy lotion to me. It smells nice and the scent manages to linger quite a while on the skin after use. I particularly like how it absorbs quickly but also is not greasy at all on the skin. Satin Body Whipped Shea Crème ($26), This is almost a body butter, super thick that you have to dent it when you use it. Due to the fact it is whipped it feels light on the skin. I love how thick and rich it is but also not greasy at all. My skin instantly feels relief from dryness and softer. This is the one product in the line that is Limited Edition, so get it while you can.
Overall I really like what Mary Kay has for spring this year. The body wash, lotion and creme are really nice and great for the spring, the smell is one I really like and the products work really well. The shadows are nice shades and bold for the springtime. The brush set has some great quality brushes that manage to feel soft and not shed while having a great design.

*Pr samples featured. All views and opinions are my own.