Keeping Cherry Blossom Season Going with Calgon and Bodycology

by - Tuesday, July 04, 2017

Cherry blossom season may have just ended here in Toronto, but that doesn't mean you have to let the fragment scent of cherry blossoms fade too. Calgon and Bodycolgoy both have bath and body lines that feature Cherry Blossom fragrances.

Calgon's Japanese Cherry Blossom line has a body wash, bubble bath, body lotion and fragrance mist.

Bodycology's Cherish the Moment line has a body wash, body lotion, bath fizzes and fragrance mist.

Both brands offer a great Cherry Blossom scent, while being different at the same time. Bodycology's scent is more floral, while Calgon's is more fruity. Either way I love both of theirs fresh cherry blossom scent.
Calgon Japanese Cherry Blossom Bubble Bath ($5.99):
Calgon always gets bubble bath perfect every time. Rich and plentiful bubbles that make your tub smell great and at a great price. Japaneses Cherry Blossom is no different, you get a tub full of great bubbles and for about $5 you really can't get it too wrong. I really adore a relaxing bath, so I have been enjoying this bubble bath quite a bit recently.

Calgon Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Spray ($7.99):
I love this spray. It is light and fresh, slightly fruity and lingers just right. I have no issues spraying this all over everything, my clothes, hair, body. It is light and refreshing just about anytime of day I want a bit of pickle up, while not being heavy now that the warm weather is here.

Bodycology Cherry Blossom Bath Fizzies  ($6.97):
I love bath bombs but honestly I cannot stand to pay $5+ for just one bath. I live is fear that it will be too cold of a bath and I will have just wasted it, or that I will get board and want to get out after 5 minutes. This clearly is crazy since I run super hot baths and linger in them until I fall asleep and wake up 20 minutes later. Still that fear lingers, so I never want to invest that much in one bath. Bodycology's bath fizzies are so affordable I never feel bad about using them. They fizz up amazingly well and smell great. They come in a resealable bag, but are also individually wrapped, which makes storing them and not accidentally getting water on them so much easier.

Bodycology Cherish The Moment Cherry Blossom Body Spray ($6.97):
I love this spray. It is a bit more complex then the Calgon version, but stays pretty floral in the process. It is light and refreshing and instantly brings me back to cherry blossom season. I find it nice an light during the summer months, so it is getting lots of use right now.

Overall I am loving these products. Cherry blossom is a fantastic spring and summer scent, not too strong not too floral but just light and fresh. I love keeping that scent going even though the season is over with baths filled with bubbles or fizz and body sprays.
*products were sent for review purposes, all views and opinions are my own.

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