Conair Hot Ionic Straightening Brush

by - Thursday, July 06, 2017

I am going to share a secret with you, I am completely incompetent when it comes to my hair. I may have learned makeup in school, but never hair. I have never mastered the art of drying my hair with that blow-out precision that so many out there have. I watch youtube and read blogs, but really cannot master it. 

Which is why I am loving Conair's Hot Ionic Straightening Brush so darn much. It lets me take my wavy and often fizzy from humidity hair, and tame it into a pretty much perfectly styled look, just like if I had actually figured out how to dry it properly. 
Before hair, natural air dried.
So what is this pretty little toy? Well it is a brush that heats up like any other hot tool (straightening iron curler, crimper) and you just brush your hair with it to straighten it out. It is ionic to help reduce frizz and the unique bristles help smooth out your hair just like when you blow it out.  Since my hair is still pretty short, it takes a bit of work, but I find all tools have a bit of a learning curve to them. I think once my hair is long again it will be so much easier to use. 

I pretty much heat it up, use a normal brush to get out tangles, and then brush it from the underside slowly out. I then repeat from the top. When I hit near the bottom of my hair I curl it under a bit to create a nice curvy finish.
You can't flatten you hair with it like with an iron, especially at the roots, so don't expect results like an iron. I find for that reason though I am left with much more volume and the ability to get my fringe to behave a lot better (I hate that thing, if my hair dresser cuts it short again I think I am going to lose my mind).
I find this baby kills the crazy frizz I have getting the last few months and I have much more manageable hair.  I also found that after about 5 uses I really started to get the hang of how to use it best with my wavy and shorter hair. Also because it is ionic, it keeps the frizz away incredibly well, I found my hair still looked good on the second day after using it, which is pretty impressive.
Overall this is a great new addition to my tools.  I no longer struggle to get my hair to look full bodied and straight, I can just spend 5 minutes with this hot brush after my hair dries on its own (or I use my dryer haphazardly) and end up with some pretty amazing results. It won't replace my straighten iron, but it gives me different more suitable every day results, that I really am liking a whole lot more then the overly flat look I get with my iron. 

Would you try a Straightening Brush? What do you think of the idea of them?
*Product was sent to review, all views and opinions are my own.


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